This Time Could Be Different.


You wait for someone to come into your life and tell you you’re perfect. Tell you they can’t live without you. You’re always on their mind.

But when those feelings are foreign and you hear them with a meaningless ring, you panic. You can’t believe someone’s pushing your hair back to better look into your eyes. You can’t believe they’re holding your hand despite your nail-biting habit and horribly dry skin. You can’t believe they sacrificed their Saturday night to find the shiny pieces of your shattered self.

You can’t believe it. So you don’t.

You run from the possibility that this time could be different.

10 Simple Tips To Improve Your Blogs Success.


1. Consistency. If you’re looking for any success to come from your blog, remain consistent. You don’t have to blog every day, but twice (even once a week) will give reassurance to your readers that they have something to look forward to and continue backing up for.

* I post my material on a general timeline but I tend to stray from the schedule and simply post as I feel like it.

2. Perspective. Writing your blog in the form of a diary – with names taken straight from your life – makes it hard for your readers to relate. Tell your story in a way where others can compare what you’re saying to their own lives. This may include limiting the use of names and locations or discussing feelings as opposed to events.

3. Branding. Consider your blog a brand, or even a company. Create a catchy title, slogan, logo, personalized email etc. You can create an anonymous blog and still give your readers a sense of ‘human’ by using your voice to spread your message.

* Try to chose a blog name that people can spell and remember. It will be easier for potential readers to search or for existing readers to tell family and friends about it in conversation.

4. Interact. Growing a blog is irrelevant if you’re not interested in creating a community. An undeniable benefit to blogging is having the privilege to hear others insight on your work and topics you’re interested in. Comment on other blogs, respond to those who comment on yours, do guest blogs and if the opportunity arises, engage in email conversation with readers who are willing to take that extra step.

5. Clean. The rule : less is more, has never been more true. Keep your blog clean, simple and minimal. Only have the ‘share buttons’ that people will realistically use. Have a solid background colour so the words are easier to read and don’t fill your page with every widget come across. This will make your page harder to maneuver around and your work will become lost in the mess.

* Putting links into text such as, ‘Click: Here’ will look a lot more appealing to the eye than including the entire ‘www’ address. Learn how to do so in the visual page edit screen.

6. Social Media. It’s almost impossible to have one successful social media account without the help of another. However, don’t sign up for every account at once. You’ll overwhelm yourself and your work will result as mediocre, not outstanding. Start with one account (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram) and link it to your blog so that posts are immediately posted and can be found by another audience. Add more forms of social media once you become comfortable maintaining the ones you already have.

* Young & Twenty has successfully made it’s way onto :

Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / Tumblr / Instagram

* Leave a comment if you’re interested in a post of tips regarding any of the above mentioned websites!

7. About. I’ve come across countless blogs that don’t include an ‘About Me’ page, or at least a version of one. I consider this unfortunate as it’s always the first thing I look for. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate summary of your past or details down to your house address, but give your readers a general idea of who’s writing these posts. It will really help them connect and better understand you as the person behind the computer.

* Young & Twenty is designed to be more of a community than a person. As a result, the ‘Mission’ and reason behind the blog acts as the ‘About Me’ page.

8. Content. Write what you know. There seems to be a glamorized perception on being a ‘beauty guru’ that makes writing about anything else, unacceptable. If you don’t want to write about makeup and DIY’s, then write about mental health, animals, love & loss, being a sad and confused teenager. Write about something you can put your heart into and you’ll be rewarded with the ability to impact someones life, as well as your own.

9. Theme. Just because a theme is available on WordPress, it doesn’t mean it works for the content you’re trying to convey or the audience you’re looking to address. Finding a theme that works for you will take frustrating hours of trial and error. If your blog revolves around pictures, find an appropriate theme just as you would if your blog is mostly writing. Your readers want accessibility which unfortunately, can’t always be found.

Young & Twenty is currently using the  customizable Pen scratch theme (available with WordPress self-hosting).

*Having a theme isn’t enough. You have to make your blog your own but furthermore, you have to make it stand apart from the many other blogs yours sits amongst. In the case the direction and look of Young & Twenty has taken months of work and evolution. Don’t give up if yours does as well!

10. Self-Hosting. Successful blogs usually require self-hosting. This will allow you to make custom changes, add plugins & additional features, display ads and run your website the way you want. It was scary but Young & Twenty recently did the transfer to self-hosting and has never looked back. You can do it to!

Click – HERE – or the banner below to sign up through the Young & Twenty affiliate program and get web hosting for $3.95/month as opposed to $5.99.

If you’re looking to start a new blog or give your have a fresh start with your current blog, Spring seems a lot like the perfect time to do so!

* Bluehost is a hosting site. From there, a single-click will allow you to download WordPress where you can then transfer over your current site! It’s simple with the help of Bluehost & Google.

If you’re interested in getting the ‘ ‘ gone behind your domain name, use this checker to see if your dream blog name is possible! If the domain is available, click the link and you’ll be able to claim it immediately.

Have any further questions about the transition? I’m not a professional but please feel free to comment below!

When You’re Drunk.


Things are easier when you’re drunk.

You have the courage to do things you wouldn’t otherwise dare. You can say what’s on your mind, put voice in your opinions, carry extensive conversations. Unfortunately, those are things others can do daily, and easily.

Your sober self can’t help but wonder, how can people afford to be so vulnerable? But, maybe they’re not vulnerable.

Maybe they just have more trust to give. More good to gain.

You don’t drink at the bar because it’s a Friday night tradition. You don’t crave a night of the Dougie or an outfit covered in dirt. You don’t like asking the cab driver about his childhood or challenging a group of high-tolerance frat boys to Jäger bomb shots.

You don’t crave the alcohol as much as you crave the freedom it gives you. It’s the sort of existence reality deprives you of. The sort of different you’re better off drowning.

Help Put Young & Twenty on Your Coffee Table!


A huge thank you to , Leiann for making THREE donations as my GoFundMe Campaign is apparently not doing well! I’d like to send my most sincere thank you to her and wish her much success on her own blog!

In addition, Young & Twenty has been asked on many occasion for shirts, prints, etc. Now, a potential idea has been made to turn Young & Twenty into a simple, and elegant, Coffee Table Book or Magazine (TBD) The book will feature new writings, back stories, the meaning’s of the quotes & Young & Twenty quote submissions and much, much, more!

This will be perfect for all College Dorm Rooms & First Apartments.

Please help Young & Twenty accomplish this exciting new endeavor!
GoFundMe Campaign.

All donations will be acknowledged on the Funders Page.

If you cannot help out financially, word of mouth is of equal help.

As always,  your support is greatly appreciated!


Stigma in Being Single.


It’s cruel to define life as an ongoing struggle of finding someone who loves you, for you. It’s even harder when you’re “different”. When your weaknesses are harder to turn a blind eye to. When you don’t even love yourself.

It’s the stigma in being single. People can’t understand how you can be alone. How you can live day after day without a good morning kiss. Or year after year without a Valentine’s date.

They tell us our lives have voids, but they can’t tell us why; so we we wonder, why isn’t it okay to be alone? When in fact, the loneliest lonely can be found in someone’s arms.

I Wasn’t Ready to Love You.


I wasn’t ready to love you when I met you. There wasn’t anything you could’ve said, or anything you could’ve done. You gave me chances to have you, opportunities to miss you, night’s alone looking at my bed without you there.You gave me time to decide. Time to open my arms.

But I didn’t. I couldn’t.

Our love was lost, our chance was missed. If timing is everything than time worked against us and too often I look at the door and hope you’ll walk in, so we can meet again.