The Pain Of “Never Again”

real life gives us real problems

I never gave some things much thought.

Like the way in Cops & Robbers –
only one of them gets caught.

And I never thought,
what is the poor?”

Why do some have less,
while others have more?

how money should be such an obtainable thing.
Yet we chase it
single-minded –
with dreams of the joy it will bring.

I never saw the way we cry.
Or the way we miss our loved ones lives.
But grief is real and SO insane.
I’ve learned the pain of,
never again.”

And I never knew of the word, “debt”.
How one could live owing –
what they’ve already spent.

But that 4 letter word –
how it clings to our names.

It makes us go mad.
Hang our heads out of shame.

And I thought the News had my best interest in mind.
Not picking and choosing what they want said at the time.

But there’s so many secrets and so many lies.
There’s so much that’s wrong yet we turn a blind eye.


if we’re speaking with truth,
and we’re speaking with candor,

why do we live
– with no trust –
of what is fact and
what’s slander.

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Being Young & Twenty • Stephanie

Being Young & Twenty

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Stephanie Butler
Stephanie Butler

BEING Young & Twenty (three) means having a world that is completely different than it was a year ago. Graduating from college, moving to a new city, getting a "real" full-time job, and learning to balance ALL of that with your personal life - it can be stressful.

But, if you have the right mindset, you can start to realize that all of these things - although scary - are what makes life so miraculous and amazing. I'm in the prime of my life, one of the major stepping stones that will define where my path will go. It's incredible, and I'm ready to take the plunge. I just can't forget to believe in myself and not be afraid to ask for help, and support along the way.

-Stephanie Butler

Wild Foods • Review

Wild Foods || Review

The very first thing that drew my attention to Wild Foods – was its branding and packaging! It’s bold. It’s loud; and it’s trendy. It can be hard for a company to stand out these days; but Wild Foods is certainly headed in the right direction.

Wild Foods is a subscription service that allows you to receive unique boxes, full of the best food products in the world (for people that value what they value). The passionate people behind Wild Foods seem incredibly committed to focusing on philosophy over profits. There’s so much more information on the products, where they come from, how Wild Foods originated, and so much more, on theWild Foods website, so be sure to take a look!

  • I loved them since I stumbled across this, on their website: “Let’s make it so that future generations aren’t born into a society where fake food and corporate greed rules the day.

The Wild Foods Promise


Boxes come packed with wild coffees, wild loose teas, wild whey, wild coca butter, and many more products. There are also 4 different subscription options that will let you get your appropriate fix of helping to fix the world (as well as live healthy).

Subscription Options: One Box at a Time | $303 Month Subscription | $89 • 6 Month Subscription | $149 • 1 Year Subscription | $299

  • 5% of net revenues are donated to partner nonprofit organizations. This includes 2 great organizations: Pencils of Promise and World Concern. Click to find out more

FullSizeRender 12

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Screenshot 2016-03-12 17.26.03“Wild Foods was founded out of a desire to bring together a mix of the best ingredients in the world to support health, performance and conscious food consumerism.

Knowing where our ingredients come from, how they are made, and the impact they have on the world, is of paramount importance because we know that food is the most important aspect of health, body composition, performance and longevity.

These topics we are passionate about are rooted in ingredients and the quality of those ingredients. We also believe that the current food system is broken and want to do our part in helping fix it.”

FullSizeRender 7

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These are the 3 teas that I had the chance to review: Hibiscus Mint (loved), Emerald Gold Sencha (liked), and Twilight Black (disliked).




  • 12 Ounce Wild Coffee Beans of your choice
  • 4 Pouch Wild Cold Brew Pouches (Easy to brew home packages)
  • 4 ounce Wild Chocolate Powder
  • 1x Random Wild Mini
  • 1x Random Wild Tea Mini

All products promise to be FREE of the following: Grain, Gluten, Soy, Refined Sugar, Refined Salt, Preservatives, Artificial Chemicals, Any ingredient not found naturally occurring in nature

Wild Foods || Review

“By supporting small family farms, local artisan food makers, and manufacturers that operate their business with the consumer and environment in mind, you can literally change the world.

You, as the buyer, always has the final say. If you stop buying cheap, processed factory food from big corporations, these companies will have to change their ways or go bankrupt. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, it’s not just the world you are helping save when you consciously spend your dollar on better products… you also save yourself!

The food and drink you put in your body accounts for as much as 80% of your long-term health and body composition. This is one of our driving beliefs at Wild Foods, and it fuels our intense desire to be the best.”

  • The Wild Foods Philosophy

I absolutely LOVE the way Wild Foods is branded, and the way they have openly addressed the way that our food system is currently broken; and as a result – they are dedicated to help fix it.

So to those who love coffee, tea, products with trustworthy ingredients, or simply doing their part to fix the economy, take a look at the WILD selection of products available by Wild Foods.

This product was sent to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. I will always stay true to my word and only share my own unbiased opinions. Work With Me!

Being Young & Twenty • Sophie

Being Young & Twenty

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Sophie Livingston
Sophie Livingston

I've thought about making a submission to this feature for a couple of weeks now. I love the idea of community projects and reading different opinions on the same topic.

What held me back, though, was the fear of being negative. Of the submissions I've read so far, most are largely positive. They talk about the adventure, hope and discovery that comes with youth. The excitement of reaching adulthood and the enjoyment of life as a twenty-something.

For me, it's been a different story. I'm 27 now and for four years I've suffered with anxiety and depression. My early twenties were spent working too hard and playing even harder. A couple of months after I hit 23, I burned out completely. I had a serious breakdown that kept me off work for three months and forced me to take a voluntary demotion. I lost friends, confidence and respect. Things have never been the same.

I put immense pressure on myself and constantly compare myself to others. I worry that time is running out and that I haven't achieved enough yet. I feel shame for not having lived up to the expectations people had of me.

I try to have a positive outlook. I take time alone whenever I can to recharge. I use my creativity to give me something to focus on. I'm lucky to have a supportive, loving family and an understanding boyfriend who has stood by me no matter what.

For me, BEING YOUNG & TWENTY has meant learning to have strength in the face of despair. I've had days, weeks even, where life didn't feel worth living. What I'm learning to remember is that I always overcome those feelings and begin to enjoy life again. I'm looking forward to my thirties. I've learnt a lot over the last seven years.

-Sophie Livingston

We Should Know Better Than To Mess With Heartache

There's No Need To Drop Something Just To See What Fragile Is

Sometimes it’s easier to miss someone than it is to love them. To close the door instead of let them in. The idea of how things could be, substitutes the effort of actually making them happen.

In the end – some people cross paths to teach lessons.
To change one-another.
To simply show a different path.

If we refuse to give our time to someone so willing to accept it, it means they have taught us all we need, and we have to be fair in releasing their hand, and watching them go. For – we should know better than to mess with heartache.

We should know there’s no convenience to limbo. To the back burner. To “I might miss you if you leave.” We should know there’s no reason to accept love, with no intention to love back.

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I Got Dealt My Hand

I Got Dealt My Hand

My life has been flawed
and my life has been hard.

I got dealt my hand
and I played the wrong card.

My mistakes made me strong.
My mistakes made me smart;

but my mistakes left me pain
with a hole in my heart.

So please give me time
and I’ll tell you it all.

Then maybe you’ll see
why I’ve put up this wall.

Wrong Card

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Being Young & Twenty • llona

Being Young & Twenty

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IIona Sediha

I was 20, 6 years ago, and I've grown a lot since then. Defining "grown" is hard, and it can easily become an empty word. It's many things - for sure - but I'd pick patience as the MOST crucial one. Being 20 is a strange milestone. Probably less important than 18 (when the world is yours) and not quite as challenging as 21 (when you are already expected to know who you are). But, it's a milestone. It's the time you learn to listen; because you need to collaborate with people around you, who are NOT friends or family. It's also the time to assess what you want from relationships and how to make yourself heard.

And, it all requires patience.

From yourself. As you start to slowly understand that things don't turn out as you imagined, or just because you "tried your best".

But you also need patience from the ones around you; so they give you time to figure it all out. So, next time you feel like you're about to explode (or cry, give up, or walk away) just give yourself a moment, and ask the people around you to simply be patient.

- IIona Sediha

Being Young & Twenty • Katelyn

Being Young & Twenty

Want to be featured? Email me at and tell me, What does BEING Young & Twenty mean to you? Make sure to include your Name, Blog (optional), Instagram Account (optional) and your 100 – 300 Word Submission • FIND OUT MORE!

Katelyn Hawkes
Katelyn Hawkes

To me, BEING Young & Twenty means realizing that it's OKAY not to have my life together yet. I graduated last August and am currently employed at my first 'adult' job. I'm only 8 months in and feel like I'm having a quarter life crisis because things didn't end up how I thought they would after College.

I thought I'd easily find a job that I enjoy. After all, I do have a degree. But it turns out, it's not that easy. I still have to gain years of work experience and skills before I'm anywhere near where I want to be in my career.

But, even after all that, there's still a part of me that realizes, I'm still young. I still have time to find my niche, to go on more adventures, and to travel to all the places that I dream about - daily.

But what is most important is that I don't have to give up on my goals. Even when things don't seem to be going the way I thought, or bills and responsibilities keep me from buying that plane ticket to the Greek Islands, I need to remember that I will get there, eventually.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself, who really has their life together in their twenties? There are so few out there who got lucky this young, but for the most of us - it's a long journey uphill. But it's the journey that makes it worth it all in the end.

- Katelyn Hawkes

The Burn From The Flame

sometimes dark alleys are well-lit

It’s the kind of pain we didn’t know love had to offer.

The kind of love we hate to admit.

For the times we saw the destruction, and the pain wasn’t worth the reward, we didn’t put the fire out. Instead – we watched it burn to ashes in a regretful fallout.

When the fallout happened and resentment was strong – your jokes were at me. Not to meYou didn’t pick up when I called. You brushed off my problems. My pleas. My “maybe I was wrong.” I live to wonder if you were worth settling for; but without you I’ll never know. Without you I can’t help but wonder if the burn from the flame was better than the ashes of us.

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10 • Reasons Why Growing Up Is A Gain And Not A Loss


They say if you’re excited to grow up – then you’re growing up ‘right’; for the older we get, the more aware we become, and the more anxious we are to see what life has in store. Of course growing up means bills, and balance, and stress – but it also means freedom, and experience, and acceptance. If we can never be younger, we must aim to be better, and the only way to do that, is to start looking at the gain. I know I’ve missed many – MANY – good points. I’d love to hear your favorite thing about growing up. Let me know in the comments!


growing up


You may still shift your eyes as you wander the isles and fight your shake hands when you hand over your I.D, but you’re legal and allowed to buy alcohol. No more older siblings. No more watered down vodka. Just the ability to make your own, bad decision.


Suddenly you don’t care if you miss a party full of all too familiar faces. You don’t care if you’re spotted at the grocery store with sweatpants and a naked face. You don’t care what other people think. You know what makes you happy and that’s finally all that matters.


Gone are the days when you can’t eat dessert until you clear your plate of vegetables. Now you can eat cold pizza for breakfast and alternate between bites of salad and cake. You’ll learn the importance of eating healthy but you’ll also learn the thrill in knowing you don’t have too.


You can buy the shirt you’ve always had your eye on, or go to the beach with your friends without spending the hour prior, begging your parents for money. You have a wallet, money, credit cards and most importantly – control of how you use them. Of course you have bills to pay but there’s a way to do that, after you have fun.


You spent years asking your parents for a pet. Dragging stuffed animals on the ground and reciting the responsibility you know it would be. Just for your please to be ignored. Fortunately – if you live on your own (and have the time & money) – you’re free to open your home to a furry companion.

The Pro's & Con's Of Beauty Box 5

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Chores are inevitable but growing up means we must find a way to make them survivable. Laundry, vacuuming, organizing and dishes are all a little more fun when you have a glass of wine by your side.


Mornings no longer start with a glass of no-pulp organize juice. You can close your eyes. Take a deep break – and sip on a warm cup of coffee or tea.  You finally understand how your parents and teachers once made mornings’ look so easy.

wreck this journal

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Your body no longer wants to stay up until 3 a.m. and sleep until 3 p.m. Surprisingly, you’ll be amazed how much free time you have when you’re up hours before lunch. Whether it’s to run to the gym or lay lazy in front of the TV – don’t take your down time for granted.


Aside from missing out on back-to-school shopping and running into friends between class, there is far more gain than loss. Graduating High School and furthermore College means no more algebra, last minute study sessions or the pain that is group projects. You’ll face new problems, but there’s a whole different world when your time isn’t dictated by the school bell.


Your parents start to look different when they no longer lecture you about your curfew, grades or cleaning your room. In fact – you’ll want to tell them about your life, visit them when you’re bored and call just to hear their voice. You’ll finally understand the way unconditional love is something you can never replace.