6 Reasons Why I Dropped Out Of College – And Maybe You Should Too


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College Dropout isn’t an unheard of phrase. Neither is High School “Victory Lap” or the concept of a lost and confused student. Any of those terms ring relevant in your life, right now? Whether you’re about to start College with second thoughts, or you’re entering another year with dread … READ ON!

A summary of my own experience: I dropped out of a two-year Fashion Arts program after a year and three months into it. I found myself making one of the hardest decisions of my life. Write off a year and a half, or troop through until graduation. My decision: leave as fast as I could. I since returned to College where I graduated with a Media Communications diploma.

* Note: Most (if not all) Colleges have a date at the start of the year where you can drop out and receive no financial penalties for that semester.

DISCLAIMER: In no way is this post intended to tell, or encourage anyone to drop out. Changing your degree or leaving school all together is something that requires months of thought and sense. However, if you find yourself torn or confused,  I wrote this post in hopes that you can find some clarity. Here are the 6 reasons why I dropped out of College:

1. I didn’t make a lot of friends. I never had the desire to meet up with classmates for lunch, or have a saved seat in the ‘cook kid’ clique. To me, this either meant I wasn’t ready (physically or mentally) to take on new peers, or it meant these weren’t people that I could connect and relate to. If you can’t find anything in common with your classmates, keep in mind, these are the people who will one day be your co workers.

2. I knew I would try again. Graduating College was always in my cards. I knew dropping out of my program didn’t mean I wasn’t going to one day walk across the stage and reach for my, well-earned, diploma. Statistically, those who drop out don’t go back, but I was determined to return once I took the time to think about myself and what I actually want to do.

3. I was financially able to. The cost of College proves to be a different burden to everyone. I was so fortunate to have the ability to change my course, and not put myself in further, financial danger. Dropping out costs a lot. Switching courses costs a lot, and completing a course you have no intention to pursue, costs a lot. Undeniably, money will be one of the biggest factors in this decision.

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4. I never had the passion. Unfortunately, I hate the way my mind turned against my program before I was even done the first year. The idea of getting out, occupied my thoughts. Even excited me. I stopped giving my best work because it one day “wouldn’t matter”. If you’ve already given up or spend more time skipping class than going, you’re wasting time and money, regardless.

5. I had a backup plan. I didn’t have a rich, handsome man to take care of me, but I promised myself I wouldn’t drop out of College until I had a plan that could support me, and keep me headed in the right direction. I was so fortunate to have my summer job that welcomed me back, so, I moved home and spent the next year working, figuring myself out, and choosing a new career direction.

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6. I wasn’t ready for college. Simply put, I wasn’t ready. Grade 12 kept me focused on my friends and my boyfriend. I had no desire to think about, let alone decide, on my future. I come from a family of tradition where the freshman years follows the summer after graduation. When in reality, that’s not the way society anymore. Year-offs are almost recommended and the rush to enroll in College has been postponed. I turned out to be one of the few people from my High School to move on, and this kept me looking back. It kept me from embracing new adventures and welcoming new opportunities.

What’re your thoughts on your own college decisions? Did you chose the right program for you, or do you wish you could just start over? This topic can invite so many opinions that I would love to hear in the comments – let me know!

Wishing For Their Picnic


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You don’t hate life as much as you think you do. You hate that there are people who make it look easy. There are people who make it look effortless, even flawless. Society will tell you not to worry. They’ll tell you everyone has their own problems. Still, you resent the ones who are with their friends, not their bed on a wild Friday night. The ones who celebrated a holiday with more cheer than you. The ones who fill their social media accounts with more smiles than yours.

Of course they’ve been sad and they’ve felt their share of pain, but they don’t sacrifice the time that you do. They don’t understand true sadness. We’re all hiding the same truth. We’re all looking onto others lives, wishing for their picnic; because after all, it’s not that you want a life without rain. You just want to know you’re not the only one getting wet.

Full Of Empty Words.


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You’ll send me a simple, straight forward text, “what’s up?” My thumb will hover over the letters on my phone, aching to tell you about my insecurities, my deepest fears and my too ambitious goals.  I’ll backspace the lines I write about the things that keep me up at night and the way my over-thinking, and my over-reacting, haunts me in the dark.

I’ll plan my responses should you ask, how much regret I have for the first boy I kissed, or why I wear socks in the summer, or signal into parking spots. I’ll think of what I’d say, should you ask me why I am the way I am.

I wish I could tell you about the music I play on repeat, the poetry I recite in my mind and the things that make me cry, every time I watch the news. Instead, our conversations are full of empty words. They’ll keep us from growing and they’ll keep us from caring but no differently will my stomach toss and turn as I take a deep breath and respond, “Not much. You?”


“Familiar Storms” Guest Post


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Written By: Aabha Sant
Book Worm Out Of Water

Created for the Young & Twenty quote :
Thunderstorms aren’t sadness just like happiness isn’t the sun

Blue skies and fluffy white clouds,

Oh how the sun finally shines!

It has been hiding these days,

(much like happiness)

Behind the lightning lorn clouds of grey.

The storm, it comes after noon,

Every day, on some weird schedule,

And it sure is exhausting, I wont lie,

But its absence is melancholic.

You won’t believe me now,

and why should you?

it is a storm after all,

but I crave its familiarity.

I miss the rain falling in sheets,

and the soft petrichor it left me with.

I keep hoping that the storm will return,

That it will come back in a blink

And take me by surprise.

And I will hold on to it then,

Darkness, lightning and all,

Because it’s not the thunder I’m afraid of,

It’s the quiet after the storm.

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The Coffee Scrub Review

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I’m the girl who will choose a cup of tea over coffee any day, except when I’m craving a good, deep clean on my skin. For that, I love The Coffee Scrub. This scrub quickly became my pampering treat. I was hesitant that the product would come with a strong smell of coffee (which I’m not a fan of), but the scent turned out to be subtle and quite nice. I tried the flavour, French Vanilla.

If you’re not aware of the positive effects that coffee grinds can have on your skin and overall complexity, The Coffee Scrub website summarizes it well:

Think of me as the protector, the fixer, and the beautifier of your sensitive skin. I’m filled with antioxidants which help   neutralize the effects of aging, drying, and dead skin. I exfoliate your skin to help remove residual dirt, and to give you a fresher, younger, more moisturized appearance.

I’m organic, and I leave you smelling and looking healthier and more vibrant than ever before, other exfoliates use chemicals and acidic properties that may harm your skin.

Allow me help you on your voyage to sexier skin.

This product was overall, impressive. It’s refreshing and will actually leave your skin soft to the touch after a single use. As well, the bag is water proof, making it’s use in the bathtub all the easier! The difference to my skin was noticeable and without giving full credit to this product, my stretch marks and skin “faults” have actually minimized! A great product to review. Thank you,  The Coffee Scrub

*This product was sent for review but opinions are 100% my own