We Are Everyone

We Are Everyone

We’re the comedians that write jokes and the writers that sing tunes. The accountants that add numbers and the firefighters that face flames. We’re the doctors who live to diagnosis and the employees that dread folding clothes. We’re the criminals that lurk in the night and the dealers that dream of big dollars.

We’re the children who found out that Santa’s simply a thought, and the adults who found out that kisses don’t end in carriage rides.

Our Beamers look like Hondas. We have mortgages – not handbags. We can’t claim fame off a DUI arrest, and our haircuts don’t make headlines. We are not movie stars. We are not society’s fixation.

We are, “can I get another pack of ketchup?” We are, “am I rich yet?” We are 5 pm in rush hour. We are two-hour waiting rooms. We are too many people. Too few people. Too much change. Too much routine. We are wide-awake at 4 a.m.

You and I,
we are everyone.

Only Offer Out What You Can Live Without

only offer out what you can live without

I couldn’t give you everything,
’cause then I’d be without.

I’d hate to give you all I have,
and be left with only doubt.

So let me give out what I want,
and do it over time.

Let me see what I don’t need,
and what’s forever mine.


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Being Young & Twenty • Olivia

Being Young & Twenty

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Olivia Persson
Olivia Persson

The greatest thing about being in your 20's is having your whole life in front of you!

You are old enough to start your independent journey, but still young enough to redirect if you get a little lost along the way.

I am recently married, which is awesome because I get to be with my favorite person everyday. It also comes with all the traditional questions:

"When are you going to settle down and buy a house?"

"When are you going to start having children and how many?"

My answer – "Not anytime soon!"

Instead, we're saying farewell to the Nebraska heartland, selling our belongings and moving more than 3,500 miles away to Honolulu, Hawaii. We did line up jobs before making this exciting leap, so this isn't a 100% fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants decision.

What it is – taking our life into our own hands. We are not ready for the picket fence and children  – there is nothing wrong with this choice  – we simply are not ready. What we are ready for: adventure, traveling, enjoying each other and the slightly unknown.

My advice to all other twenty somethings  – do not compare where you are in life to others.

Not married yet? Great!

Want to be a puppy parent? Sounds fun and adorable.

Want to move across the country? Start packing!

Want to build an empire by 30? Do it!

Want to raise a beautiful family? Enjoy it! I hear they grow up fast.

Enjoy life! You're twenty, so it's the best time to start your journey.

-Olivia Persson

5 • Things Our Parents Say That Finally Makes Sense


We’ve spent years of our lives – convinced that our parents spoke their own language and lived in their own world. We refused to accept that the phrases they told us were another far fetch attempt to prove us wrong, and make us feel stupid.

Adulthood comes with A LOT of realizations; meaning we’ve finally learned the reality of our parents once irritating sayings. They were telling the truth, after all.

They were simply being honest.


Untitled Infographic Copy copy 21. Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

There are a lot of things in life to worry about. A lot of things that can keep you up at night; but you will never experience sanity if you dwell on the small stuff. The fixable problems. The puddle of milk that needs nothing more than a paper towel to clean up.

2. Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

We always laughed – commenting at our literal interpretation of this saying; but maybe now we appreciate the value of a dollar. Maybe now we understand that our reward is no longer a pat on the back. Our reward must be worked for in order to survive. There’s a lot of character in those who realize that money has more value than the paper it’s made from.

robert herjavec driven

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3. We’ll Cross That Bridge When We Come To It

No one knows what tomorrow has to offer – yet we love to dwell on the unknown; leaving us clueless about right now. We have to stop thinking ahead and rushing through life. We have to slow down enough to realize that every path leaders to another, so keep one foot ahead of the other and savor the dirt beneath each one.

4. Pretty Isn’t A Look. It’s An Outlook

Possibly one of the hardest things to understand [and some of us never will] is that beauty truly is skin deep. Our parents saw us at our essence. They saw the smiles we let slip through our lips. The excitement in our eyes when we saw something we liked, and the kind of words we would say to others, when we couldn’t even say them to ourselves.

Our parents always knew that pretty isn’t a look – it’s an outlook.

The Pro's & Con's Of Beauty Box 5

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5. If Your Friends Jumped Off A Bridge – Would You?

Peer pressure comes in ways you’ve never imagined. It’s more than a joint in front of your face or a tempting text to sneak out. We live in comparison. Always looking at someone else’s’ life. Always wanting what we don’t have. No differently – as we grow up – society seems to become the friend we’re willing to jump off the bridge for.

Being Young & Twenty • Toni

Being Young & Twenty

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Toni Cavanagh
Toni Cavanagh

I've been 20 for about a month now; and although I have no idea where I'm going in life, or what I want to be, I have learnt more in this month than I have throughout my teen years. When I was younger - I used to think BEING twenty meant you were an adult. You knew exactly what you wanted to be, and you jut had everything figured out - as if it was some kind of magic spell that falls on you on your 20th birthday. Boy I was wrong!

BEING Young & Twenty means that it's okay to not necessarily act your age. It's okay to make mistakes; because guess what? You're still discovering yourself. Kids will look up to you and think you have your life planned out. And we smile because we're just as naive as them - probably.

No matter how old you are, it's okay to be spirited, and be silly, and be all the things that "young" people are frowned upon for being. I don't believe we ever stop growing or learning. We never stop making mistakes and we never fully know who we are; but again - it's OKAY because it's the journey what counts.

- Toni Cavanagh

This Time Could Be Different

Don't build the same castle everytime you collapse

You wait for someone to come into your life and tell you you’re perfect.

Tell you they can’t live without you. You’re always on their mind. But – when those feelings are foreign and you hear them with a meaningless ring, you panic. You can’t believe someone’s pushing your hair back to better look into your eyes. You can’t believe someone’s holding your hand despite your nail biting habit and horribly dry skin. You can’t believe someone sacrificed their Saturday night to find the broken pieces of your shattered self.

You can’t believe it – so you don’t.

You run from the possibility that this time could be different.

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The Alone Is More Tempting

Don't build the same castle everytime you collapse

I promise myself,
only good foods today,”

like I promise the world that
I’ve changed my bad ways.

And my plans

– they are made –

with intention to keep;
but sometimes the alone is more tempting to me.

And I make lists
but forget what I need at the store,
’cause those lists

– like my mind –

can’t take one-jot-note more.

And I DO try my best to get all I need done,
so I can fall asleep happy and awake with the sun.

But my hard work won’t pay.
Not yet.
At this time.

My hard work is painful,
but this pain –
it is mine.


I’m here and I’m free.
I’m here and I’m willing,
to embrace this BIG world
despite the confusion I’m feeling.

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You Aren’t Who You Were

You aren't who you were and won't be who you are

You aren’t who you were,
and won’t be who you are.

For your problems & pains
simply brought you THIS far.

Time –
it will pass;
and you will evolve.

As time answers things
we can’t otherwise solve.


This image was created and submitted to me though my project @createmyquote

Being Young & Twenty • Becca

Being Young & Twenty

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Becca Marie
Becca Marie

"But you're still so young!"

"Why would you throw your life away? You're only in your twenties."

"See the world while you're still young enough to enjoy it."

Seriously. I've heard them all. From friends, family and people I hardly know; everyone seems to have an opinion about my life decisions. I have my own home, handle my own finances, and am happily settled down with my best friend.

My age? 21.

As a child, I believed being 21 meant you were officially an adult. You could do anything you wanted, go anywhere you please, and make decisions that suited only you. Turns out I was only half right. Life has developed quickly for me - and although I live a very adult lifestyle - I still feel like that same little girl. Young and drowning in responsibility but confident enough to stand by what I believe in.

They say your twenties are for making mistakes and my god have I already fulfilled that criteria. Ha! But as life continues to develop at an alarming rapid pace, we all need to just take a breath, put on a brave face and remember you're only as old as you feel. So what if you're 20, 25, or even 30. Do what YOU want to do and let's shake this cliché of ‘live whilst you’re young’.

- Becca Marie

G2OH Apparel • Review

G2OH Apparel [Review]

G2OH Apparel is an online, apparel company with inspiring workout gear and encouraging words. With sayings like: “Find A Way. Not An Excuse”, “Cheat Day is Coming”, “Training For The Zombie Apocalypse”, and “They Hate Us ‘Cause They Ain’t Us”.

My preferred shirt is usually size ‘Medium’ which is often a baggy size for me; but these shirts were fairly tight fitting. Unexpected for workout clothes. If you like your gym clothes to be baggy – I’d definitely consider getting a few sizes up!

Sizes available change according to: Men’s, Women’s, Unisex or Tank.

“G2OH stands for Ground to Overhead. We are inspired every day by people who strive to lift more weight over their heads, run faster, jump higher, do another rep, perfect their form, learn a new move, and pick themselves up off the ground for another round. Our mission is to make the best apparel and gear for athletes.”

  • For Men: T-Shirts, Tanks, Socks, Shorts, Head wear, Hoodies
  • For Women: T-Shirts, Tanks, Bottoms, Socks, Head wear, Hoodies, Jewelry
  • Gear: Socks, Headbands, Water Bottles, Hand Grips
  • Create & Sell Custom Apparel: No Minimums, Free Web Shop, Risk Free

“We are athletes. We lift heavy things. We run. We use our bodies. We improve every day. We are entrepreneurs. We are gear fanatics. We are G2OH. “

The benefit to online shopping is that they often ship worldwide! G2OH Apparel is no different so be sure to browse their collection of encouraging workout apparel for yourself.

This product was sent to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. I will always stay true to my word and only share my own unbiased opinions. Work With Me!