“Just An Arrow” Guest Post


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This piece was written with inspiration from the Young & Twenty quote | The wind can so easily take an arrow from it’s target

Written By: Aabha Sant | Book Worm Out Of Water

Admirable, tall, focused,
The talk of the town.
Her head firm on her shoulders,
Never needed a glittery crown.
For years she trained, day and night,
Life passed her by, she paid it no heed.

When she aimed for the skies,
They knew she could soar.
She hurried through graduation,
Then she walked out the door.
Armed and ready, she took flight,
Her ever doting town left behind.

She cleverly cloaked all sentiment,
Locked it far out of harm’s way.
No distractions, she told herself,
But she would unlock it one day.
She flew straight, far and wide,
Until he flew close to her path.

She panicked, she never had before,
But the turf was strange and new.
She looked away denying the truth,
But she was long lost in his eyes of blue.
She lost her direction, for he was the wind,
And she, just an arrow.

Tiny Tea 14 Day Detox Review


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I’ve FINALLY tried my first tea cleanse!I don’t know how cleanses can be properly reviewed as it’s still conditional to your diet habits, exercise and individual circumstances but I’m still so excited to share my thoughts on the Tiny Tea 14 Day Detox by Your Tea.

Tea cleanses are often a combination of natural ingredients that can do wonders for your body (internally and externally). The ingredients in Tiny Tea are said to assist with bloating, indigestion, problematic skin, cellulite, reduction of excess weight and an increase in energy.

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I’m an avid Green Tea drinker which I’ve found has allowed me to be open and tolerable with the taste of most teas. So personally, I found the Tiny Tea to have a great taste! The most significant benefit I found was the aid in digestion. I’m the first to turn on the kettle after a full meal or a day of feeling bloated, so this tea became the perfect fix.

It’s important to note that a tea cleanse isn’t a collection of chemicals and promises. It’s a blend of natural ingredients that’s intended to help you clean your body, inside out. There’s a lot you can learn about the company Your Tea or the Tiny Tea 14 Day Detox!

EASEL By: Young & Twenty

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In the process of building Young & Twenty, I stumbled onto a concept for my new project: EASEL. (also seen on my Instagram account : young_and_twenty) It’s been hard learning to divide the content I want to share, as there’s so much! For that, I created EASEL beneath the Young & Twenty name. They’re intertwined but the content focus is different.


1. If you have any creativity in you (there’s no need to be a professional) read “About My Project” or “Create My Quote” to see how you can design one of my quotes and be featured in front of a 20k+ audience.

 2. Writers and poets are now invited to turn my quotes into their own written words. Find out how to submit a piece.

3. Checkout EASEL and give me your opinions, suggestions, likes, dislikes etc.  It’s a growing project and so clearly one that involves more than just myself so suggestions are welcome and incredibly appreciated.

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  1. Once you find your worth you’ll find your way.
  2. Pretty isn’t a look. It’s an outlook.
  3. How good it feels to be your home.
  4. I lost who I was but I love who I found.
  5. If silence speaks I’ve got a lot to say.

4. The photos on EASEL are full size and therefore, great to be used on your blog or social media accounts (with proper link back). Much better than a stock photo or print screen of an Instagram photo. Help spread the word of EASEL and the artists that have helped to make it possible.

ENJOY! I look forward to seeing future pieces + hearing future thoughts!

10 Tips To Have A Discussion And Not A Hot-Headed Dispute On The Internet


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The online world is full of arguments, disagreements and heated disputes that go in circles or hours. Don’t let the thought of controversy or having your thoughts “stomped on”, stop you from sharing them. Every voice needs to be heard. Every opinion needs to be given a fair chance to stand.

1. Humans should not humiliate others. Simple. Don’t degrade someone for their rights or beliefs. If you don’t understand them, agree to disagree and move on.

2. Consider the language you use. Respond with “I understand what you’re saying” or “I see where you’re coming from” instead of “No. You’re wrong” or “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard.”

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3. Use a disclaimer if you feel like a topic could be triggering or upsetting to others. Sometimes it’s worth giving your readers a heads up and let them make the choice to keep reading or skip over.

4. Accept that there are people who find their harshest words and loudest voices from behind a computer screen. Pick your battles. Know when you’re having an intelligent debate vs. an argument you’re never going to win.

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5. Direct the conversation by including a relevant question at the bottom of your posts. This is a ‘call-to-action’ and gives you the ability to set the stage for the comments to come.

6. Opinions are supposed to clash. That’s why we’re not all writing the same blog or living the same life. Don’t force your opinions on others but at the same time, don’t let someone bully you into feeling wrong for what you believe.

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7. Have the sense of maturity to know where your opinions fit, and where they don’t. An appropriate example: should you have a problem with same sex marriage, don’t go looking for a post celebrating recent events or find a page that supports it, just to express your personal disagreement.

8. Some argument is healthy.  Don’t be quick to discount every disagreement or you will never grow, learn, or see the world any differently than you do now. You don’t have to change where you stand on the topic but you have to understand where other people are coming from.

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9. Don’t degrade, put down, or call anyone stupid. They’re entitled to their opinion as you are yours. If you write a rude and hateful comment then conclude it with the argument “it’s my freedom of speech”, you don’t have an argument. You have a need to be controversial and people with that deep rooted need, never get their point across they way they may have imagined or hoped.

10. My newest life mantra : “talk about things you know about.” Talk about the topics you follow and the things you’re passionate about. Don’t waste your breath arguing about a historic fact you heard in a documentary years ago, or even a good cause you just may not be educated on. It doesn’t mean you don’t support it. It means you know well enough to make an argument when you know you have a valid one.


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“How Good It Feels To Be Your Home” Guest Post


Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 12.30.44 AMI’m so happy to have stumbled upon a poem that was written with inspiration from my quote: “How Good It Feels To Be Your Home.” I couldn’t resist re posting such a beautiful piece. Thank you Nadine. What does this quote mean to you? Let me know in the comments!