Recommendation• Online Marketing For Your Craft Business

online marketing for your craft business

Like most, I don’t use books as a source of reference anymore. Anything you can find in a book can be found (and elaborated on) online. However, I was drawn to this book in my first few months of blogging. The text is large, the pages are well-presented with diagrams and colour (admittedly, sometimes too much colour). The information is well summarised and both easy – and fun – to follow along with. That combination makes for a great read.

Would you rather use the Internet, or a book, to learn more about the world of online business? Let’s talk in the comments!


This book is a guide to using social media and blogging in order to impact your sales and brand awareness. This will help you to build credibility and impact for your business.

“You have an eye for design and beauty and you are passionate about your craft – the perfect ingredients for creating a successful content marketing strategy.”

From online marketing, identifying who you want to connect with, where to connect with them, and SO much more. It also discusses the social media accounts: Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Overall, this is a great book. It’s compiled all the information you need to become an influential voice. While it’s AMAZING to have access to the Internet and everything it can teach us, sometimes that becomes too overwhelming. Books are designed to walk you through a specific process. To keep your focus on 1 topic at a time. So, for once, don’t hesitate to pick up a Pinterest-like-book, instead of the Pinterest app.

FACT. Although this book is marketed to ‘crafters’, everything in it is completely applicable to anyone growing a small business, freelance company, or growing their blogs.


Author • Hilary Pullen
Type • Paperback
Price • $18.88 / $16.99 (used)

If Silence Speaks I’ve Got A Lot To Say

If Silence Speaks, I've Got A Lot To Say

I refused to walk away without a goodbye.

Without telling you about the chaos in my mind. Without convincing you that my insanity went away when you did. But you never gave me the chance. You never let me speak. You taught me the unsettling truth that we can’t always get closure.

We must accept what silence says in place of words. We must accept the way our thoughts often stay our own. We must live with our words left unsaid.

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Strong Enough To Show My Weak

Strong Enough To Show My Weak

I’m strong enough to show my weak.

My pain’s a smile –
cheek to cheek.

But don’t take my weakness
as your chance to stand.

Don’t play my softness
as your upper hand.

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Pictures In Your Cubical


The pictures in your cubical cover lifeless walls. The walls that close in with routine and hushed voices. With tea kettles boiling and old food in the fridge. The pictures in your cubical are a constant reminder that although your heart may speak the loudest, your head plays the safest. Your heart wants simple happiness, but your head knows you must work.

So, you look at the pictures in your cubical, remembering what happiness really is.

Happiness is the grass your family lays on.

It’s the yoga lessons you rush to after work, and the pizza tradition you cling to – every Friday night. It’s the journal entries you write at 3 a.m., the guitar lessons you apologize for ahead of time, and the Netflix shows you love to watch, on a rainy Sunday morning.

Happiness is the smallest things in life. So small we often miss them. So beware, for it’s the little things that are big things that you’re throwing away with the hands of the clock.

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You’re Free To Complain

You're Free To Complain

You’re allowed to be angry
and you’re free to complain;

but why live your life
with such negative pain?

A lot could go wrong,
of course,
things could be said –

but the more you complain,
the more of life you will dread.

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Recommendation • Buddhi Box

BuddhiBox • Review

Buddhi Box is perfect for yoga lovers, gym goers, and essentially anyone overworked and over stressed. It’s a subscription service that brings yoga products and ways to relief stress to your doorstep, monthly. Boxes come full of a variety of products, intended to enhance your yoga practice, lifestyle, as well as enrich your mind, body, and soul.

Do you enjoy doing yoga? Or what is your source of relaxation? Let’s talk in the comments!

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“BuddhiBox will proudly donate proceeds from boxes sold to the Gentle Barn. The Gentle Barn works with children from the inner-city, group homes, mental health care facilities, foster homes, and schools to teach them compassion and empathy for all living beings.”

Overall, I really like this company for their products, designs, intention, but even more so, the story behind it.

BuddhiBox is a company founded by Maxine. An entrepreneur, yoga teacher, yogini, and resilient dreamer. You can find more [here]. So, if you yourself (or if you know someone, as there are many Gift options) are a yoga lover, gym go-er, or simply over-worked and stressed out – then BuddhiBox may be the perfect subscription service for you!


Company • Buddhi Box
Type • Subscription Service
Theme • Yoga + Wellness
Price • $27.95 – $32.95

Adulthood Promised Great Things

Adulthood Promised Great Things

Adulthood promised great things.

You grew up, willing to surrender the easy sense of comfort; for the confusing sense of freedom. But no one told you the truth about life.

How cold, bitter, and lonely it really can be.

Your childhood blanket that once doubled as a shield withers into threads. The house you grew up in acts as a home for a new family, making memories in place of yours. Your parents are a phone call away, but there’s no spot in their bed for you to crawl into.

There’s no ice cream in the fridge – served with the promise to make everything better. There’s no teddy bears to hold your hugs, or cartoons to distract your tears.

But regardless of the cruel world that is adulthood – there is hope.

There is reassurance that people amongst us are wearing sincere smiles. Inspired by the innocence in life. There is love after love. There is life after loss. There is an incredible future to be made out of your past.

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Live With Nothing To Lose

Live With Nothing To Lose

You will only find gain
if you live with nothing to lose.

And you will only be happy,
if you live true to you.

So –

you have to be free
and you have to be willing,

to embrace your mad mind despite
the confusion you’re feeling.

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People Are Simply Motivation


Some people are simply motivation.

Your enemy should make you want to be better. Your ex should make you want to do better; because sometimes in life, you’ll need someone to push you on stage despite stage fright. Someone to chase you in threat so you’ll run. Someone to taint your once confidence, so you’re driven to get it back.

Don’t say someone never gave you anything, because for better or for worse – they gave you a reason.

They gave you a reason to see what more you can be.
They gave you a chance to see where you are,
instead of where you should be.

As long as you come out stronger, you can’t wish for anything better – so, don’t feel sorry for yourself in hopes that someone else will to.

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The Only Constant

the only constant is that nothing is

It’s never the call you were expecting,
or the text you wanted.

The job you would rather,
or the meal you’d prefer.

It’s never the compliment you hoped for,
the results you waited for,
or the reaction you prepared for.

It’s never the day you got ready to challenge,
the goodbye you got ready to hear,
or the future your past once promised.

It’s never the love you thought was real,
the life you imaged living,
or the reflection you wanted to see –
every glance into the mirror.

But –

you’ll only find a piece of mind when you realize,
the only constant is that nothing is.

The only thing we can ever expect,
is a different play center stage.

Different than what’s written in our script.

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