10 || Reasons Why Growing Up Is A Gain And Not A Loss


They say if you’re excited to grow up – then you’re growing up ‘right’; for the older we get, the more aware we become, and the more anxious we are to see what life has in store. Of course growing up means bills, and balance, and stress – but it also means freedom, and experience, and acceptance.

If we can never be younger, we must aim to be better, and the only way to do that, is to start looking at the gain.growing up

1. You may still shift your eyes as you wander the isles and fight your shake hands when you hand over your I.D, but you’re legal and allowed to buy alcohol. No more older siblings. No more watered down vodka. Just the ability to make your own, bad decision.

2. Suddenly you don’t care if you miss a party full of all too familiar faces. You don’t care if you’re spotted at the grocery store with sweatpants and a naked face. You don’t care what other people think. You know what makes you happy and that’s finally all that matters.

3. Gone are the days when you can’t eat dessert until you clear your plate of vegetables. Now you can eat cold pizza for breakfast and alternate between bites of salad and cake. You’ll learn the importance of eating healthy but you’ll also learn the thrill in knowing you don’t have too.

4. You can buy the shirt you’ve always had your eye on, or go to the beach with your friends without spending the hour prior, begging your parents for money. You have a wallet, money, credit cards and most importantly – control of how you use them. Of course you have bills to pay but there’s a way to do that, after you have fun.

5. You spent years asking your parents for a pet. Dragging stuffed animals on the ground and reciting the responsibility you know it would be – just for your please to be ignored. Fortunately – if you live on your own (and have the time and money), you’re always free to open your home to a furry companion.

6. Chores are inevitable but growing up means finding a way to make them survivable. Laundry, vacuuming and dishes are all a little more fun when you have a glass of wine by your side.

7. Mornings no longer start with a glass of no-pulp organize juice. You can close your eyes. Take a deep break – and sip on a warm cup of coffee or tea.  You finally understand how your parents and teachers once made mornings’ look so easy.

8. Your body no longer wants to stay up until 3 a.m. and sleep until 3 p.m. Surprisingly, you’ll be amazed how much free time you have when you’re up hours before lunch. Whether it’s to run to the gym or lay lazy in front of the tv don’t take your down time for granted.

9. Aside from missing out on back-to-school shopping and running into friends between class, there is far more gain than loss. Graduating High School and furthermore College means no more algebra, last minute study sessions or the pain that is group projects. You’ll face new problems, but there’s a whole different world when your time isn’t dictated by the school bell.

10. Your parents start to look different when they no longer lecture you about your curfew, grades or cleaning your room. In fact – you’ll want to tell them about your life, visit them when you’re bored and call just to hear their voice. You’ll finally understand the way unconditional love is something you can never replace. 

I know I’ve missed many, MANY good points! I’d love to hear your favorite thing about growing up. Let me know in the comments!

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If Silence Speaks, I’ve Got A Lot To Say

If Silence Speaks, I've Got A Lot To Say

If silence speaks I’ve got a lot to say,

for you wouldn’t let me speak –

so I found another way.

But my words aren’t there,

so you will never know –

the way I wish we were,

or the reason I let go.

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Tether Tug Dog Toy || Review

Tether Tug Dog Toy

DOG OWNERS! This review is for you.

My pup – Suri– is almost 2 years old. With no sign of her losing energy (which I wouldn’t want, anyways) I HAD to start finding ways to keep her busy. That is –  if I ever wanted to get work done. Of course I love playing a good game of  tug-of-war with her; but The Tether Tug is absolutely perfect for the times my hands are full, or even the days when she has to spend time alone.


  • The Tether Tug website offers replacement ropes, attachments and extra pieces for an affordable price – because we can’t deny the fact that no dog toy is ever indestructible!
  • FREE shipping on orders over $65
  • Comes with a tracking code upon purchase to follow your order


  • As of now Tether Tug doesn’t ship outside of the US and Canada
  • Shipping a 5 ft. package isn’t easy and so Canadian shipping costs are between $30-$40
  • Since this product comes in a big package it [obviously] can’t fit in your mailbox. You’ll have to be home, or go to your nearby mail center to receive it.
  • This product is handmade. That means it was built with love, but that also means it could be built with a flaw. These situations seem rare and didn’t happen to me; but fortunately damages not caused by your dog can be resolved!
  • Depending on where you live – the outdoor Tether Tug may be a seasonal toy

Take a look as Suri & I set up / test out the indoor Tether Tug :


$49.99 – This is the smallest Tether Tug for the smallest of dogs. The rod comes with a fleece attachment which is easier on smaller mouths; making it perfect for: Chihuahuas, Yorkie’s, smaller terriers and other energetic pups. Best for dogs under 15lbs.

“You know your dog, the crazier they are, they larger size you will need!”


$49.99 – The Medium Tether Tug is designed for the pups that are smaller in size, but not lacking in energy! This pole has plenty of bend, making it perfect for this size of dog. Best for dogs 30-60 lbs.

Tether Tug Dog Toy

The Indoor Tether Tug


$54.99 – The Large Tether tug is great for most herding dogs, retrievers, beagles, and even most Corgi’s. Best for dogs 30-60 lbs.

Extra Large

$59.99 – The largest Tether Tug is for the strong pullers like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and most large working dogs. It has the widest base and thickest core to withstand these dogs strength. Best for dogs over 60 lbs.


$39.99 – This product is BRILLIANT. My pup loves to start a game of tug-of-war while I’m absorbed with work; so the indoor Tether Tug has proved to be an acceptable alternative to her. She can pull, tug, spin, keep herself entertained, and tire herself out. Best for dogs under 30 lbs.

Tether Tug 'Rope Attachment'

Tether Tug ‘Rope Attachment’

I live in a condo, and anyone who has a pet [specifically] a dog and lives in a condo, knows how hard yet important it is to help them get the exercise that they need. The Indoor Tether Tug took up such an insignificant amount of room in my considerably small space.

To inspire an extra long game, I put some peanut butter on the rope.

The process of set up itself is simple. Put the base underneath a strong piece of furniture for support, and slip in the pole (attached with a robe, ball, or other toy) to pull. Sometimes these games can get wild so I’ve learned – as Tether Tug also advises – how important it is to move any breakables or dangerous objects.

Indoor Tether Tug Base

Indoor Tether Tug ‘Base’

As for the outdoor tether, it’s winter and we’re in Canada! That means the ground is either too cold to push the peg into, or every step we take leaves us covered in mud and slush. For now – Suri loves and continue to uses her indoor Tether Tug but we’re so excited to try [and review] our outdoor one once the warmer weather arrives.

The products marked ( * ) are the style + size of tether that I reviewed.

tether tug

Note: This product was sent to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. I will always stay true to my word and only share my own unbiased opinions.

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Embrace The Mess You Are

createmyquote you'll never understand the way things pass until you step aside

We’re scared of the people who are going to let us down – kill our dreams – and cause us pain. We’re scared of real emotions. The weight of heartache, and the misery we must tolerate when we can no longer find sense. We runaway from pain and we cheat ourselves from life. We’re cowards hoping to numb rejection. Hoping to endure no more than the sting of a paper cut.

There are amazingly painful emotions we must learn to survive. We need to get out of our own wayout of our own mind and see that we are not alone. We’re surrounded by people who bleed red. Whose hands shake. Whose voices are laced with fear.

So –

embrace the mess you are and the madness in your head. Be so excited you’re scared and so scared you’re excited. Be so afraid your vision blurs and all you see is pain worth feeling.

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5 || Small Pleasures We Lost To Technology


There’s no denying the speed in which the world is turning and the way life is drastically changing. Technology is taking over and destroying the little things as it goes. We’re now nostalgic for the things that are now only a memory. We let a smile escape across our lips at the very thought of the things we once took for granted.

Bad Habit-2

1. Film Cameras

Cameras once refused to let you live behind the lens. You weren’t able to fill your camera roll with pictures that would end up as lost as your phone on a sticky bar floor. A single snap is no longer enough. You need angles, poses, unnatural moments. Consider the life that’s getting lost between reality and your phone screen. [Fortunately, we have the return of the Polaroid camera to cure some of the nostalgia!]

2. Renting A Movie

Wandering through the high shelves of Blockbuster was Friday night entertainment on it’s own. Pointing at movie covers – laughing at the times you saw it with friends; or shaking your head at your once celebrity crush. We’ve lost adventure to convenience and the sound of laughter to the hollow clicks of our remote.

3. Desktop Computers

It was sneaking downstairs at midnight as your family laid fast asleep. You turned on the computer and cringed as the start up sound echoed through the house. Your bed was empty. Your heart was racing. Back then – you couldn’t pull a computer onto your lap, or check your favorite sites from your phone. You had to sneak back out of bed (and back in) within hours. Smirking at your midnight adventure.

4. MSN

There once was a time when you could escape the madness of the world outside your home. You could leave the drama, the bullying, and the gossip as words behind the computer screen – waiting for you to log back in. Text messages have become a haunting. Leaving us unable to run without the promise of being chased.

5. Agendas

There was one benefit to starting a new year of school which was – a brand new agenda! Fresh sheets waiting to be personalized. Marked with doodles from class boredom. Hearts filled with monthly crushes. Personalized script reminding us of weekend plans. Pages ripped out to pass notes to friends in class. The older we get – the clearer we see – that paper tells a better story than letters on a screen ever will.

The list of things we lost to technology could go on, AND ON! Please feel free to share any that I missed in the comments!

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You’re Never Too Old To Live Young

createmyquote your age is not what ages you

On any day, at any age, at any time –

you’re free to boycott adulthood.

You can eat pizza for breakfast and scoop ice cream from the carton. You can pick the marshmallows from your cereal, and dip your finger – knuckle deep in Nutella.  You can wear one piece pyjamas and watch cartoons upside down.

You can dance to Disney soundtracks and scream the lyrics into a mop. You can send a scribbled letter to Santa, or eat the stale Halloween candy you bought for yourself.

You can get lost in a forest, or sit in a mess of pom-poms and pain. You can spend a Friday sprawled across a Twister Matt, or skip a dinner party to build a fort.

On any day, at any age, at any time –

you’re free to boycott adulthood; for you’re never too old to turn away from what’s to come, and savour what you left. You’re never too old to live young,

live free, and live recklessly.

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10 || Things I Wish I Knew Before College



1. There’s a way to balance doing well in school, and having a social life. Sometimes it will mean staying in on a Friday night, and sometimes it will mean sleeping through an 8 a.m. class.

2. There’s nothing scarier yet more exciting than the freedom that is college. It’s easy to get overwhelmed – but a few phone calls home will always keep you grounded.

3. Leaving High School doesn’t mean leaving the ‘popular kids’  on in-class cliques. However – it should mean that you’ve found peace with who you are, and now know where you want to be.

4. It costs a lot of money to drop out of college. Now more than ever – people are taking a year or two off (or not going at all) to ‘find themselves’ and save money before making such a commitment. It’s okay to take on College at your own pace.

Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(wish) Steps

Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(wish) Steps

  • I love this book. Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(wish) Steps. My mom sent me off with it (snuck it in my bag) when I moved out for the first time and admittedly – it’s become an awesome source of reference! It’s full of easy-to-read cleaning, cooking, dating and overall lifestyle tips.

5. Despite what we’re told – college isn’t the time to discover yourself. It’s the time to push your limits in order to find your strengths and your weaknesses. Chances are you won’t find true clarity until after you graduate.

6. It takes hard work and will-power BUT there is a way to beat the freshman fifteen. Figure out balance. Figure out how to stay healthy in a way that won’t stop you from eating Mac N’ Cheese in the common room at 3 a.m.

7. There may be a day when you look at your pictures from college and not remember more than 3 names. Fortunately, those whose names you do remember have the ability to be life long friends – as long as you let them.

8. There’s a balance between your home life and college life. It may take time to figure this out, but learning to maintain all relationships is an essential part to surviving college. It will make things easier when you need an escape from either life.

9. College is expensive. Spend the summer prior to college building a budge that can withstand your school and social needs. You’ll quickly learn that textbooks, alcohol and food are the biggest money grab.

  • Use Amazon’s textbook feature to save on your textbooks whenever possible. You can sell, rent & buy your books at an incredibly discounted cost. This has become a popular method for college and university students, worldwide.

10. Just like High School – you’ll laugh – you’ll cry – and you’ll countdown the days until you graduate; but don’t let these years pass you by. Appreciate every day. You will never have an experience life college again.

Do you have any pieces of advice to give to upcoming freshmen or existing college students? Please feel free to let us know in the comments!

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Things Are Easier When You’re Drunk

createmyquote forget the ridiculous regrets

Things are easier when you’re drunk.

You have the courage to do things you wouldn’t otherwise dare. You can say what’s on your mind, put a voice to your opinions, and hold a conversation.

Unfortunately, those are things others can do daily – and easily.

Your sober self can’t help but wonder, “how can people afford to be so vulnerable?” But maybe they’re not vulnerable. Maybe they just have more trust to give. More good to gain.

You don’t drink at the bar because it’s a Friday night tradition. You don’t crave a night of the ‘Dougie’ or a week-long ringing in your ears. You don’t like talking to the cab driver about their childhood, or challenging a high-tolerance frat boy to Jäger bomb shots.

You don’t crave alcohol as much as you crave the freedom it gives you. It’s the sort of existence reality deprives you of. The sort of different you’re better off drowning.

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The Difference Between WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG


It can be so – so – frustrating trying to figure out the difference between WORDPRESS.COM and WORDPRESS.ORG; so I’m laying it out once and for all! So, if you’re ready to take your blog to the next level you can go to my page: How To Start A Successful Blog for a step-by-step guide!

wordpress difference

Quick Summary

  • There’s [generally] less costs and fewer add ons to buy when working with WP.org.
  • WP.org gives you endless control including your customization, features, interactive abilities and so much more!
  • Plugins are a powerful part to blogging. 1000’s + plugins are available on WP.org (only)
  • You DO NOT own your content on WP.com. You’re using their free platform to host your blog. This means you cannot run ads or monetize your blog
  • If you’re serious about blogging I HIGHLY recommend self-hosting on WP.org.
  • Never be threatened by the thought of HTML. Nothing about blogging is as hard as it looks.



“Focus on your beautiful content, and let us handle the rest.”

“Get your hands dirty, and host your website yourself.”



  • Hosted. Like renting an apartment
  • Maintained & controlled by ‘wordpress.com’
  • Limited customization abilities
  • You’re apart of a LARGE network of blogs
  • Similar to a “social” platform that allows you to follow blogs, comment and repost posts
  • Self-Hosted. Like owning a house
  • You’re responsible for maintenance
  • For example: spam, security, updates, backups
  • Full control and flexibility
  • Your blog is individually on its own

Set-Up Time

  • 5 Minutes


  • yourname.wordpress.com
  • Buy your domain name for $18/year
  •  yourname.com
  • Register a domain name you already own
  • Register your domain for $13/year


  • 3GB of free space
  • 1000GB space for add-ons for $160/year
  • You need to find web hosting -space and features may vary. (I highly recommend Bluehost)


  • Limited selection (aproximately 100) of designs
  • Premium themes available
  • 1500 + FREE themes available (my theme is called ‘Fashionista’ from aThemes)
  • Customizable options to make your site look attractive and unique
  • Build your own theme with PHP and and CSS


  • 20-30 Plugins available (to premium users)
  • Limited features
  • 1000’s of FREE and premium plugins
  • Add – basically – any feature or functionality you want


  • No FTP access
  • No ability to edit the code
  • Option to pay $30/year to edit your code
  • Complete control over your files
  • Modify & customize your site as you wish


  • Ads are NOT allowed
  • WordPress.com will display their ads
  • Ad-Free upgrade for $30/year
  • You have complete control
  • You can run ads, affiliate links, and other sources of income


  • 24/7 Support
  • Personal support and the WordPress.com forums are available
  • 24/7 Support


  • You MUST register for an account on WordPress.com and abide by their Terms of Service
  • No registration is required with WordPress.org

Bluehost Affiliate

Young & Twenty is a Bluehost Affiliate. This means Bluehost offers my readers hosting for the price of $3.49 / month + a free domain name!

Do you currently have hesitance about turning your WordPress.com blog into WordPress.org? Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email as I’d love to help you further!

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Tools I Use

I have to give a HUGE thanks to the bloggers across the web for being so transparent about the tools they use(d) to successfully grow their blog. Of course, I’m excited to now share the tools that I use and love. Take a look at these websites, plugins, books, apps, etc. as they may prove to be beneficial for you and your blog.

Feel free to ask any further questions or let me know the tools that you use to build your beautiful blog in the comments!

Blogging Tools I Use

Web Hosting


Bluehost (Costs Required)

Bluehost is an extremely popular web hosting platform. I trust Bluehost so much that Young & Twenty is a Bluehost Affiliate. This means my readers can get hosting for the price of $3.49/month + a free domain name!

WordPress (FREE + Option To Upgrade)

This is the #1 website building platform available. WordPress lets you build a blog or website with no need for any web-design knowledge so it’s perfect for beginners & pros. Use the FREE version or upgrade. 1,000+ plug-ins and themes available.

Weebly (FREE+Option To Upgrade)

Weebly is the perfect platform to create beautiful and professional looking websites and shops. There is a blogging feature but I don’t recommend using it for that sole purpose.

Other Popular Options:

  • Blogger | A popular blogging platform





aThemes (Costs Required)

Young & Twenty is created out of the WordPress theme: “Fashionistas” by: aThemes. I love their collection and recommend you browse through as they’re beautiful, simple and efficient.


Photo Editing


Pic Monkey (FREE + Option To Upgrade)

We live in a visual world – meaning it’s worth putting the time and effort into creating custom images. This will also help you avoid copyright and legal issues. PicMonkey is how I edit & create the images and collages on Young & Twenty.

Other Popular Options:




Online Marketing For Your Craft Business ($16.19)

Online Marketing For Your Craft Business

Online Marketing For Your Craft Business

I love the book Online Marketing For Your Craft Business [as spotted in a photo on my Tiny Teatox Review] It’s great to familiarize yourself with methods and techniques that have worked for others.

After you read it, it then becomes the perfect book to have around for reference.

This book is filled with fun graphics, soft colors, lists, valuable tips, and easy to follow points – making it a fun read that actually leaves you feeling you confident that you’ve learned so much.

Other Popular Options:




ShareASale (FREE)

ShareASale is a website that allows you run and/or participate in countless Affiliate programs. There are so many companies, banners and products to choose from.

RedBubble (FREE)

Redbubble helps independent artists to sell their works on products such as: t-shirts, iPhone cases, stickers, prints, posters, greeting cards, etc. By signing up and following the simple process, you can put your work on dozens of products and start selling – instantly!

SwagBucks (FREE)

SwagBucks isn’t exactly beneficial to your blog; but it’s actually a cool source of extra cash. It seems to be the most legitimate of these ‘survey for gift cards’ websites, according to research AND the fact that I was eligible for the $3 Amazon Gift Card [the lowest cash out available] within my first day!

EDIT: Since I’ve been using SwagBucks more and more, I’ve been learning how much to it there really is. You can get credits without even doing a single survey. You can do quick daily polls, use the SwagBucks search bar, watch videos, etc. By the end of the month your credits will add up and you can cash out or keep saving for the gift card you really want!

Inbox Bucks (FREE + $5 For Signing)

There are only 2 survey’ websites that I use and this is the second one. Different from SwagBucks – Inbox Bucks pays you in real money; with a [minimum $30] cashout. Yes – the surveys can get tedious – but there are other ways to earn $ and it is another legitimate way to make some extra cash while in your pajamas.




PayPal (FREE + Option To Upgrade)

You cannot make money from your blog (or online) without a PayPal account. It’s the most convenient way to accept all major forms of payment to your account. You can then track your money coming in and your money going out from the convenience of your phone.




External Hard Drive ($114.95)

External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive

Its so important to backup your blog but furthermore; your entire computer. I backup my entire computer to this exact External Hard Drive every two weeks [or 10 days]. I got this specific hard drive because it’s fast and compatible with my Mac computer.

Nikon D3200 Camera ($349.00)

Nikon D3200 camera

Nikon D3200 camera

A Nikon D3200 camera (or any high-end camera) isn’t necessary when blogging. Especially with the impressive quality of smartphone pictures – but when it comes to taking pictures for reviews and other features on your blog – having a high-quality camera doesn’t hurt! This is even more important if you intend to be a ‘Youtube/Vlogger’.

Memory Card ($9.95)

The SanDisk Memory Card

The SanDisk Memory Card

It’s an all too common problem.  The set up is perfect. The timing is right; but your memory card is – FULL. Always take an extra memory card with you on photo shoots and get into the habit of emptying your card when you’re done. The SanDisk Memory Card (16GB + 32GB) is a popular go-to card. It’s also the exact one that I keep in my camera bag.

Business Tools


Evernote (FREE + Option To Upgrade)

Evernote is the best organizer you will use. You can use it to store ideas, write your lists and even write drafts of your blog posts. You can then access your notes everywhere (mobile device, tablet and desktop)

Dropbox (FREE + Option To Upgrade)

Use Dropbox to so easily share and exchange files between clients and even yourself; as you can access your files everywhere (mobile device, tablet and desktop). You can also set your site to automatically backup to your Dropbox account.

  • Use my link and you’ll get an EXTRA 500 MB of data storage space – FREE!

Word Count Tool (FREE)

If you’re writing a blog post for yourself or a client and need to find the word count – Word Count Tool is a great [free] tool to do so!

Other Popular Options:

  • WordMark It | Type a word and see it in every font on your computer
  • DaFont | Download countless free fonts
  • Bitly | Shorten your URL to post and share on social media


WordPress Plugins



Google AdSense (FREE)

If you’re looking to make an income through ads on your blog – Google AdSense is a great place to start. It’s simple! Create an account and place your ads.

Other Popular Options:

  • Chikita Ads | A popular way to place ads on your website

JetPack (FREE)

Jetpack is considered a power tool for WordPress! It has countless options to make your blogging experience, easy. You can track where traffic is coming from, control your sharing options, change the look of your blog and MUCH more.

Pinterest ‘Pin It’ Button (FREE)

The Pinterest ‘Pin It’ Button makes it easy for you (and your readers) to share your  images and blog posts on Pinterest.

Broken Link Checker (FREE)

The Broken Link Checker is so simple and easy to configure. This plugin will scan your blog posts, pages and comments for broken links and missing images and then notify you on your Dashboard so you fix the problem fast and effectively.

Click To Tweet (FREE)

I absolutely love Twitter [ give me a follow! ]- so it makes sense that I needed a feature to intertwine my blog posts and my tweets. Click To Tweet is a plugin that allows you to easily create tweetable content for your readers to share.

Yoast SEO (FREE)

It’s hard to talk about WordPress, or read a post about Plugins without getting a HIGH recommendation to use Yoast SEO (search engine optimization). I used to use All In One SEO Pack but have recently made the change.

WordPress Importer (FREE)

I’m obsessed with playing around with my blog. Everything from its Theme to HTML. Unfortunately this has given me my share of glitches; and for that – the WordPress Importer has been a saviour. This plugin allows you to import content from an existing WordPress file. INCLUDING: posts, pages, comments, authors, etc.

Other Popular Options:

  • Disqus | Commenting Platform


Phone Apps


WordPress (FREE)

Get WordPress on your phone so you can respond to comments, read blogs, edit posts and images and check your traffic [as well as all your Dashboard facts] – all from your smartphone.

PayPal (FREE)

Get PayPal on your phone so you can easily, track your money as it comes as it comes in and goes out. You can make payments yourself and even collect donations from your website/blog.

Feedly Reader (FREE)

The Feedly Reader lets you read every RSS Feed you follow. Feedly categorizes your groups by colours – making it so easy to read your favourite blogs on your phone.

Evernote (FREE + Option To Update)

The Evernote App may possibly become your new favourite tool (if it isn’t already). Evernote flawlessly syncs your blog posts and to-do lists to your computer, smartphone and tablet.

Facebook Pages Manager (FREE)

Facebook Pages Manager lets you update, comment and take control of your Facebook page in a specific app [seperate from the Facebook or Facebook Messenger App]

This post contains some affiliate links. That means using one may result in a commission. These commissions help pay for the cost of running this site and keeping the content free. So; I appreciate your support and assure you that opinions will always be 100%  my own.

Bluehost Affiliate

Young & Twenty is a Bluehost Affiliate. This means Bluehost offers my readers hosting for the price of $3.49 / month + a free domain name!

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