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I am so excited to announce the first Young & Twenty collaboration with one of the creative – and incredibly kind – minds who has participated in #ProjectYT! Julie, from Love Lettering by Jules approached me after submitting two pieces with interest in releasing a line of 5 Young & Twenty Designs. We are having so much fun working together to create one-of-a kind art so be sure to stay tuned for more information!

Julie’s past submissions will be available in the collection.
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‘ Love is a stumble worth the risk of a fall ‘ Young & Twenty quote designed by // karlastorey_

The First 5 Things You Need to Know About Web Hosting.

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Over the past year, the growth of Young & Twenty has become an incredible learning experience. For that, I hope to share what I’ve discovered and help you to achieve what you want out of your corner of the virtual world. If you’re looking to build a personal portfolio, a blog, or even a full website – this post is for you.

1. Don’t Be Afraid.  As a beginner myself,  it’s important not to be scared by the threat of HTML. Find the right self-hosting site for you based on it’s purpose and required expert level.

2. Do Your Research. I chose Bluehost to host my site as I found that their support and virtual tours to be of great help. They also target themselves to be a place for ‘Starters’. Don’t hesitate to do your own research and find a hosting option that’s right for you. I’ve referenced the comparison chart – WHSR Editor’s Best 5 Web Hosting Picks 2015. Here they mention costs, reviews, expansion opportunities etc.

3. Let Your Audience Know. This comes as simply advice, but when you’re about to go through something that could leave your website with temporary glitches, tell your readers what you’re doing. Let them know other forms of social media they can find you on. They’ll appreciate you being honest and in the end, will hopefully be patient.

4. Find Opinions & Reviews.  I tend to find myself reading the advice and opinions of other like-minded bloggers. They’re interesting and often full of tips that you can put towards your own work. If you’re as equally intrigued by this topic, checkout WHSR Web Hosting Survey 2015 to see their broken down survey regarding 50 bloggers and their hosting decisions.

5. Keep Growth In Mind. Before taking your blog to self-hosting, decide what you want out of it that you can’t get now. Is it the ability to add ads? Increase your SEO (search engine optimization) abilities? Offer more interactive features to your audience? Make sure you find a web-hosting site that will best suit your needs not only now, but in the future as well.

Sign up with Bluehost through the Young & Twenty affiliate link and get hosting for $3.95/month!

The Solution is the Noise.

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Maybe a Facebook post can’t convince you beauty’s skin deep, and maybe a stream of hashtags can’t save the world. Maybe a single fundraiser can’t cure cancer and maybe a peaceful voice can’t really stop a war.

But maybe the solution is the noise that it makes, the eyebrows it raises, the questions it asks.

You don’t have to have the loudest voice or the deepest pockets to make a difference. You have to be willing to be apart of a greater plan. You have to understand that even if your voice goes unheard, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

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‘ If you didn’t live it, it’s not your place to speak of it  ‘ Young & Twenty quote designed by // troweart

The Pictures in Your Cubical.

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The pictures in your cubical prove that happiness isn’t a Pay Cheque, a Christmas party, or a dress down Friday.

Happiness is the grass your family lays on, the yoga lessons you rush to after work and the pizza tradition you cling to, every Friday Night. It’s the journal entries you keep at 3 a.m., the guitar lessons you apologize for ahead of time and the Netflix shows you love to watch, on a rainy Sunday morning.

The pictures in your cubical cover lifeless walls, witnessing days of frustrating routine and silenced voices. The pictures in your cubical prove that although your heart may speak the loudest, your head still plays the safest.

Love Has Mislead Us.

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You’ll analyze every word they say and the speed in which they text. You’ll stay up late wondering where they are and you’ll go to sleep crying, the nights they’re not by your side. You’ll let your stomach knot, when you feel them drift away and you’ll let your idea of love, stand in your way of loving.

For the definition of love has mislead us to think, if it’s not dancing in the rain, it’s not love at all. So we wait for the letters and the Cinderella  proposals. We wait, and we wait, and we wait.

So, don’t fall in love with the wrong person, for the right one will never make you wait. Never make you wonder. Life isn’t about someone, it’s about the right one. It’s about silence that feels right and love that feels easy. It’s about nights alone, knowing they’ll be back and once they’re back, it’s knowing they’ll stay.

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‘ You’ll continue to trip for as long as you watch my steps instead of watching our own ‘ Young & Twenty quote designed by // poppyandmintdesign


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‘ Some people come as a bottle of chaos, wrapped pretty with a bow ‘ Young & Twenty quote designed by // chicabeingme

The Beauty in a Gloomy Day.

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Not enough people appreciate the beauty in a gloomy day. The sky teases us for hours with raindrops and distant thunder. It’s a day of suspense. A beautiful build up. We carry on, living our lives beneath a chaotic mess and we live knowing the worth is worth waiting for.

Thunderstorms aren’t sadness just like happiness isn’t the sun. Just like people who leave the clouds in the hands of the sky see a different allure then those who hold the clouds on a string.