RealTalk Poetry • “You Love Me Too, Right?”


What is a drug?

A drug is the arms that hold you closely at night.
The soft voice that asks, “and you love me too, right?”

A drug is the ashes you flick from your smoke.
Deep inhales and exhales.
Rough stings from your toke.

A drug is that something you can’t live without.
It’s dangerous.
It’s toxic.
It keeps your love bound to doubts.

But – what is a drug?


What does it mean?

What makes one labelled “addict,”
while one’s labelled “clean”.

What is a drug and why do SOME come with shame?
Why is one ‘happy’ true, while the other’s man-made?

And so we are told,
of stories and tales,
to keep us from leaving the ‘supposed’ paved trail.

These tales made us think, “steer clear and you’ll live”.
but how’s it possible to live when we have our past to forgive?

Even love itself is a misused vice.
Simply seeking the words, “hey, I think you look nice”.

But they never told us love could ache.
And someone’s words could make us break.

Love and drugs will both bring hurt.
But forever
– the idea –
is an idea in which we flirt.

This image was illustrated in collaboration with Lemon Chicken Por Favor

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