BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Margo

BEING Young & Twenty Submission

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Margo A. Kosin
Age • 25

“I saw people who were happy with themselves, and the more and more I craved that same happiness, the more I realized their happiness will never be the same kind I create for myself.”

My friends and family say they wish they were in their 20’s again.

Am I not living my 20’s like anyone else? Where’s this amazing time I’m supposed to be having? I don’t feel young. I feel like I’m behind.

My job isn’t full-time and I don’t have a serious boyfriend. There’s A LOT of pressure that comes from BEING Young & Twenty and it can get stressful.

Some longtime friendships are drifting and ending. I’m seeing High School classmates get engaged, married, start families and get full-time positions.

The more I crave that same happiness, the more I realize their happiness will never be the same kind I create for myself. I’m starting to see that it’s okay to be on your own timeline. That’s what makes BEING Young & Twenty journey unique.

I may not have a healthcare package or someone who’s head over heels in love with me – but I DO have an amazing family, a loving beagle, and an education that I’m proud of. It’s easy to forget the good things in our lives.

The thing is, most of us haven’t figured everything out, and that’s okay.

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