BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Kendra

BEING Young & Twenty Submission

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Kendra Beltran
Exploring Adulthood
Age • 29

“Hermits do not date. How could we? We sit at home 99.9% of the day and only see those in our socially awkward social group.”

Hermit’s don’t date.

How could we?

We sit at home all day and hang out with those in our awkward social group. A group which does not scream “Hey boys!” when out in public. Getting a date the old-fashioned way at a club or while standing in line at a Starbucks was not going to happen for me.

With few years left in my 20’s, I decided not to hit the BIG 3 – 0 with my V-card in hand. So, I did what any hermit in the digital age did – I headed online.

I started to focus on the sexual part of my humanity. It gave me this new found confidence and led me to a man that I could not see myself being without today. I’d spent every year of my 20’s being in a shadow up until that point, but I finally started seeing myself as a worthy person.

Ready for what? I’m still not sure.

BEING Young & Twenty is the exploration of self.

Exploration is the only way one discovers.

Make progressions and try and see who you are by 30.

It’ll seem less daunting when you have an idea of what the next chapter holds.

For me? That’s marriage, moving on from the comfort of the place I’ve lived post-college, and seeing the world.

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