BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Chris

BEING Young & Twenty Submission

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Christopher Michael
Age • 28

“I cannot even begin to tell you how many regrets I have for time that I’ve wasted.”

BEING Young & Twenty is to be aware of how meaningful and important every single day is. I cannot begin to tell you how many regrets I have for the time I’ve wasted.

As a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, with 2 short years of sobriety, the majority of my 20’s (and teens) was spent looking down the neck of the bottle or pipe.

I finally broke the law, got caught, spent a year in jail, and another 7 months in rehab. I’m still finishing up a 5 year deferred adjudicated probation sentence.

I couldn’t escape accountability.

I had to face it head on.

BEING Young & Twenty means I’m not a child anymore.

I say this not because I deserve a pity party – but to STRESS how important it is to be mindful of your actions and how they can, and will, affect your future.

If you know someone going down a questionable path, don’t be afraid to confront them. The future is depending on you and me, us twenty-somethings, so let’s not compromise our values & self-respect!

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