BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Brooke

BEING Young & Twenty Submission

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Brooke Haley
Remnants of Beauty
Age • 19

“Why does everyone who isn’t young and 20 put us down? Why are you focusing on the bad when there’s still good?”

I wonder why everyone wants to be 20.

Have you ever talked to a college student about their life before?

Have you ever asked them how they’re planning on paying off their debt? Or how they feel about themselves? Or how society has been affecting their thoughts?

BEING Young & Twenty is one of the hardest times of our lives.

Being a strong woman in college, I must tell you how strong we actually have to be. We need someone to tell us we’re doing a good job, sometimes. Someone to say, “I love you and believe in you”, every once in awhile.

Most people are ashamed to be in this generation.

But me?

I’m proud to be a part of this generation!

I challenge you to be the brave one who kicks fear in the face for their passions and the people around them. Be the one that reminds the world that love endures all things. Honestly, I could have everything but if I don’t love people, I have nothing.

Let’s make BEING Young & Twenty about loving unconditionally again.

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