5 • Small Pleasures We Lost To Technology

5 • Small Pleasures We Lost To Technology

There’s no denying the speed in which the world is turning and the way life is drastically changing. Technology is taking over and quickly destroying the little things as it grows. We’re now nostalgic for the things that are now only a memory. We can merely let a smile escape our lips at the very thought of the things we once took for granted.

What would you consider a pleasure that
we’ve lost to technology?
Let me know in the comments!

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1. Film Cameras

Cameras once refused to let you live behind the lens. You weren’t able to fill your camera roll with pictures that would end up as lost as your phone on a sticky bar floor. A single snap is no longer enough. You need angles, poses, unnatural moments. Consider the life that’s getting lost between reality and your phone screen.

Fortunately, we have the return of the Polaroid camera to cure some of the nostalgia!

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2. Renting A Movie

Wandering through the high shelves of Blockbuster (wearing our sweatpants and flip flops) was Friday night entertainment on its own. Pointing at movie covers – laughing at the times you saw it with friends; or shaking your head at your once celebrity crush. We’ve lost adventure to convenience and the sound of laughter to the hollow clicks of our remote.

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3. Desktop Computers

It was sneaking downstairs at midnight as your family laid asleep. You turned on the computer and cringed as the start up sound echoed through the house. Your bed was empty. Your heart was racing. Back then – you couldn’t pull a computer on your lap, or check your favorite sites from your phone. You had to sneak back out of bed – and back in – within hours. Smirking at your late night adventure.

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4. MSN

You could once escape the madness of the world (and the people in it). You could leave the chaos outside. You could leave the drama, the bullying, and the gossip as words behind the computer screen – waiting for you to log back in. Text messages have now become a haunting. Leaving us unable to run without the promise of being chased.

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5. Agendas

There was one benefit to starting a new year of school which was – a brand new agenda! Fresh sheets waiting to be personalized. Marked with doodles from class boredom. Hearts filled with monthly crushes. Personalized script reminding us of weekend plans. Pages ripped out to pass notes to friends in class. The older we get – the clearer we see – that paper tells a better story than letters on a screen ever will.

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  • Lor

    I miss the days of MSN!! While cell phones are convenient and great for emergencies, it’s like you said – there’s no escape from the outside noise! Sometimes, I have to turn my phone off just to get a bit of a break. I loved having different msn names and changing the display pics… 🙂


    • Hi, Lor! Can’t forget changing your status on MSN to something passive aggressive about your crush (I know I’m guilty, at least…) I should probably learn to turn my phone off more, or to at least be okay when I’m disconnected for awhile. It’s great to see that you’re already there. Thanks for commenting!

  • Letter writing! There’s something about seeing someone else’s handwriting that is a little more special than text messages or emails. The only handwritten letters I get these days are from my grandma, who is 95 and has never owned a computer or cell phone.

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