5 • Ways I Earn Side Cash By Using SwagBucks ( And How You Can Too )

5 • Ways I Earn Side Cash By Using SwagBucks ( And How You Can Too )

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SwagBucks is a very cool way to earn extra side cash ( well technically, gift cards ). But – Don’t let the idea of doing tedious, time-consuming surveys turn you off. You can earn SB’s ( SwagBucks ) without doing a SINGLE survey.

This website is legitimate!

In fact, it’s claimed to be the web’s premier rewards site with over 15 million users. I can vouch for SwagBucks with confidence due to doing A LOT of my own research, using it for months, and trial-and-error with competing websites.]

T I P ! I redeem my Swagbucks for PayPal Gift Cards which is the closest way to get actual money into your bank account

I was eligible for a $3 Amazon Gift Card – the LOWEST cashout – on my 1st day.

SwagBucks is so popular because of the many ways to earn SB’s.

You can do quick daily polls, deal finds, print and use coupons, shop online, search the web using the SwagBucks search bar, watch videos, etc.

T I P ! Don’t overlook 1 SB. Making actual money on Swagbucks is to understand that it’s about gradual growth

By the end of the month your SB’s will have added up and you can cash out, or keep saving for the gift card you really want! Some people have actually crafted a way to make Swagbucks a part of their income, bringing in $600$1,000+ a month.

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Want To Know More About SwagBucks?
Check out this quick video!

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How – To Sign Up

  • After creating your account you can start earning SB’s instantly!
  • Fill out your Profile, install the ‘SwagButton’ Browser extension, make SwagBucks your default search engine, and answer the daily poll.

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Ways To Earn Swagbucks

Sign Up For Swagbucks and Follow Along

1. Online Shopping

SwagBucks also acts as a rebate site. You’ll receive SB’s for shopping online.

T I P ! Download the Swagbucks ‘Browser Button’ to be notified when you’re on an Online Shop that has SB options

I’ve received SB’s for shopping on Amazon and Garage Clothing. If you’re making a purchase online anyways, you may as well earn money back. Unlike most affiliate websites, SwagBucks shares a portion of the commission with you.

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2. Search Bar

I use the SwagBucks ‘search bar’ ( powered by YAHOO! ) instead of Google.

T I P ! You can earn up to $15/month by searching the Internet. This is a popular feature as you can set-and-forget it

Some people don’t like the idea of their searches being tracked and monitored but, Google’s doing it anyways, so you may as well get paid! Typically you’ll get 4-10 points for a random search, but I’ve been lucky and gotten 180 points.

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3. Daily To-Do List

You may brush off the idea of earning 1SB but appreciate every buck.

Take the ‘Daily Poll’ flip through the ‘Deal of the Day’, and complete everything on your Daily To-Do List. It only takes a few minutes. Just incorporate SwagBucks into your morning routine. You won’t even notice your points adding up!

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4. Watch Videos

I love earning Swagbucks through watching videos. While they’re not your typical YouTube video, you can likely find a Playlist that interests you. You can watch videos online or by downloading a SwagBucks apps to your Tablet/phone.

T I P ! You can earn up to 150 Swagbucks per day just by watching videos

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5. Print Coupons

T I P ! Follow SwagBucks on Social Media! They’re constantly releasing ‘Swag Codes’ which you can claim for 5-15 SB’s

Earn SB’s AND money back on your grocery store products. Printing and using 45 coupons a month will give you a $5.00 gift card back – per month. Not bad! Simply enter your postal code and you’ll be shown the coupons relevant to your location.

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SwagBucks is perfect for people who blog or who spend time or the Internet.

Whether it’s playing a playlist of videos in the background or filling out a few surveys while watching TV, the reward is there and promised. If you don’t like the ways I’ve mentioned in this post, there are MANY more ways to earn Swag Bucks.

T I P ! Get your friends and family to join SwagBucks and earn 10% of the SB’s they make – for life! For example: If your friend earns 500SB, you will receive 50SB

You never know what could happen or what glitch could take your hard-earned SB’s away. That doesn’t mean you can’t still accumulate your gift cards. If you sign up for SwagBucks today, you can make $50 by your 2nd month!

Try Swagbucks For Yourself –

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