6 • Ways To Fill Your Blog With Original And Copyright – FREE Photos

6 • Ways To Fill Your Blog With Original And Copyright – FREE Photos

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We live in a world FULL of people that have an attraction to pictures, graphics, and all things visual. This will act as a challenge for you if you’re a writer or a storyteller, with not a single artistic bone in your body.

It’s infuriatin to have a story but no way to effectively share it.

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If this is the situation that you find yourself in, then this post is for you!

No more blank pages. No more copyright laws and no more valuable information lost between pages and pages of text.  Here are ( 6 ) ways for you to fill your blog and/or social media accounts with original, copyright-free photos.

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1. Find A Friend Pursuing Photography

Find a friend ( or a classmate ) that is looking to pursue a photography career and build their portfolio. However – it’s important to find someone with a similar focus and creative outlook as yourself. This will prove to be beneficial for the both of you.

  • Try not to chose someone you consider a ‘best friend’ or close enough that you would be distraught over losing. Unfortunately, people can clash when they’re working on collaborations. That’s fine. If something goes wrong – be mature and walk away. Nothing is worth hurting others for, or causing yourself stress.

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2. Edit / Create Your Own Images

There’s no denying how intimidating Photoshop or any ‘professional’ design platform can be. And of course, hiring an Illustrator can cost A LOT of money.

But – not to worry as times have changed.

There are many sites and apps for you to create personal and effective images. Pic Monkey is a site which has simplified the way that you edit and create your images. If you feel comfortable, Adobe Photoshop will always be a reliable and commonly used Software to create Web Designs, Logo’s, and Graphics.

It’s worth playing around with Pic Monkey for yourself, in order to see it’s full capabilities. You can spend hours upon hours lost amongst layouts, fonts, graphics, colours, cropping, red eye removal, overlays, editing options, and so much more.

Let your creativity wild!

  • Other popular websites to create blog images include – Canva, PiktoChart ( this website is great for creating infographics + posters )

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Want to find out more about Pic Monkey?
Check out this quick video!


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3. Take Your Own Pictures

The quality of your Smartphone [ be it an iPhone, Android or Samsung ] is usually good enough to take the photos for your blog. We’ve been introduced to such amazing technology that we now have the ability to capture quality moments with the phone in our back pocket. Remember to update your phone as required.

T I P ! Always use natural lighting to get the best photo

Of course, a DSLR Camera ( Nikon is a popular option for YouTubers + Bloggers ) will give you more options, and higher-quality videos and images than your Smartphone.


Depending on your vision, goal, and photography ability, taking your own photos will be the best choice to put original images on your blog. It’s the safest option to maintain an authentic and individual look ( as well as avoid Copyright issues ).

  • Your audience will love to be able to see things from your perspective.

Always remember to take an extra Memory Card with you on your photo shoots and long adventures. Then, get into the habit of emptying your card onto your computer when you’re done. The SanDisk 16GB + 32GB is a popular Memory Card to use.

You don’t need to study Photography in College or even take a Photography Course. You simply need to learn how to run your camera.

“We can capture quality moments with the very phone in our back pocket.”

  • If you want to learn more about photography finding a local photography class is a great idea. Check out your local Community Colleges or browse Online.

Watch YouTube videos. Read your camera’s instructions, and indulge in an in-depth conversation with the store clerk when you initially buy your camera. They’re often VERY knowledgeable and more than happy to help you!


If you’re having a hard time easing your shaking hands, finding the right placement for your self-timed camera, or you want to work on advanced filming methods then you may want to consider in investing in a camera tripod.

The Velbran Tripod made with a 3-way-pan head is a great option. It has stability and it’s so light. Regardless, in some cases, a stack of books will work just fine!

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4. Do Product Reviews

It’s a lot of fun doing product reviews and it’s not always because of FREE stuff!

Collaborating with companies and doing reviews will give you the opportunity to work on your photography skills, get content for your blog, as well as give you readers a sneak peek into your personal life and ‘behind-the-scenes’ of your site.

  • As long as you put a Disclaimer that you’re doing a ‘Product Review’,  always remain honest, and are consistent with your theme, then your audience won’t mind the occasional Sponsored Post.

Companies are often willing to give you their professional PR photos and banners to go along with your post – if you want. Since you don’t want to lose your authenticity, be selective when doing this. Browse their photos and use their ‘logo’ or choose ( 1 ) image and use it amongst your own.

  • If you’re looking for a specific brand logo, use the site Brands of the World. They are the most popular way to download FREE vector logos as they have the ‘world’s largest collection’. Simply search the Company you want and Download!

ShareASale is a popular affiliate Network. It connects Companies and Merchants to Bloggers and Social Influencers. There are over 3,000 affiliate programs for you to join. They often topics in categories such as – Clothing, Subscription Boxes, Sports, Pets, Subscription Boxes, Sports, Food + Drink, Electronics, etc.

There is literally something for everyone!

ShareASale is extremely customizable and easy to embed your affiliate links into your blog posts. You can track ‘clicks’ and ‘sales’ from a single Dashboard.

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5. Find Copyright-FREE Stock Photos

The Internet is FULL of many images however, they’re not all free for you to use. You must find copyright-free ( otherwise known as ‘royalty-free’ ) images for your blog.

Type ‘Copyright free blog images’ into Google. Regardless if a website comes up – immediately find the page that reviews their requirements and mentions ‘the Creative Common’ license information. Can’t find it? Don’t use it.

Sites Vary in Their Requirements:

  • Some sites may require you to give credit beneath every picture
  • Some sites require credit on your ‘Copyright’ page
  • Some sites may not allow you to make changes to their images
  • Some sites require a one-time ( or subscription ) payment
  • Some sites require you to ‘Join Their Newsletter’ for access to their images
  • Some sites will give you 100% freedom and rights to do as you please

Read carefully!


A lot of people consider Stock Photos to be boring, average, and often irrelevant to their theme, but that’s not always the case. There are countless websites that will give you beautiful and high-quality images to use.

In addition to images, many websites also offer ‘vectors’ and ‘illustrations’ for you to use on top of your images or videos. For Example – you can overlay a vector image onto a photograph in Pic Monkey.

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6. Hire A Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Bloggers often have such a clear vision for their blog that it’s hard to find what they’re looking for online. That’s why creating your images so important.

However, if you don’t have the time, desire, or ability to create the images that you want, then you may want to consider hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer or Illustrator. This is a great way to support a fellow creative.

Hiring a Freelance Designer likely won’t be as costly as you would expect.

There are many amazing artists who do this as a job for side cash. If you can find someone who understands your vision and offers a price you’re comfortable with  ( many are willing to negotiate ) – then this may be the perfect option for you!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Between these ( 6 ) options, you should be able to add beautiful images to your words and vibrant colours to your stories. Have fun but remember, perfection is not your end-goal. You will drive yourself crazy if it is.

Focus on expressing who you are and doing something that you love!

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