Mental Health • A Life Without Rain


“It’s not that you want a life without the rain. You just want to know you’re not the only one getting wet.”

You don’t hate life as much as you think you do.

You hate that there are people who make it look so easy. They’ll tell you not to worry. They’ll tell you that everyone has their own problems.

Still – you resent the ones who get an extra Friday night with their friends.

You’re bitter towards the ones who celebrated a holiday with more cheer than you, and the ones whose pictures are filled with more smiles than yours. Of course, they’ve been sad and they understand deep pain, but you still don’t feel like they sacrifice the time that you do.

They don’t understand true sadness.

They don’t take their steps beneath a dark cloud.

They’re hiding a truth you’re aching to know because it’s not that you want a life without the rain.You just want to know you’re not the only one getting wet.

This image was illustrated in collaboration with Lemon Chicken Por Favor

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  • daisy9979

    Love this!

  • We don’t hate life as much as we think —– Actually, we hate that they don’t have to think about all that life is showing!
    That statement will maybe make sense to those who understand it…..
    I don’t…. lol

  • So true.

  • this’s so true! 🙂 x

  • Sometimes I think that’s it, I just want to see others struggle, there sadness, I just want to know I’m not the only one getting wet, cause frankly most of the time, I see me soaked and especially from facebook lots and lots of sunshine. But then again I do that too.

    • You’re completely right. Facebook and social media is everyone proving their life is perfect, and everyone else believing it. It’s easier said than done, trying to believe that everyone has their struggles. Thank you for reading and commenting!

      • Oh yes, the struggle is real, but it’s harder to see it in anyone else’s life.

  • I love it!

  • This basically sums up everything in a way I could never explain… thank you!

  • I think you have just managed to put my recent thoughts and feelings into words, thank you! God growing up in your twenties is hard.

    Beka. xo

    • I’m so glad to hear you could relate. The twenties truly are such a crazy time!

  • I just feel one should be happy and positive in life…there is no dearth of negativity and you don’t want to add to the count.
    Loved your post.

    • Absolutely! One should be happy and positive in life although sometimes that’s easier said than done.
      I appreciate you commenting 🙂

  • timswife

    Love this post – thanks for sharing. It sums up how I feel, quite beautifully

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad to hear you can relate 🙂

  • Hopelessly Romantic Cinderella

    I love that last line. Thanks for sharing.

    Please check out my blog too:

  • littlemissobsessivesanatomy

    how true…the last line…so damn true….!!!!