Mental Health • It’s An Addiction To The Night


“It’s an addiction to the night. It’s an addiction to the 24 – hours that the universe has to offer.”

Insomnia is sleepless nights lit with creativity and ambitions.

It’s a stand still escape.

A sight for tired eyes. The world goes to sleep while you come alive.

You learn to cherish the time of the night when your phone doesn’t ring and there’s nothing on TV. The food tastes better. The drinks are colder, and the hours move slower. The world comes to sleep while you come alive.

Insomnia is madness. It’s intelligence. It’s bloodshot eyes and 3-hour-power naps. A masked beast. The winding of a Jack-in-the-Box. The beauty in the breakdown.

You have nowhere to be except the depths of your dreams and they’ll wait, because you’ve found a sense of calm while awake and for once, everything seems perfect, and flawless and silenced of all wrong. It’s a stand still escape. A sight for tired eyes.

It’s an addiction to the night.

An addiction to the 24 – hours that the universe has to offer. Having insomnia is living an honest life, for 4 a.m. tells a story you can’t dare close your eyes to.

This image was illustrated in collaboration with Lemon Chicken Por Favor

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  • The positivity of insomnia. Beautifully written <3

    • Everything changes once you find the positivity. Thank you 🙂

  • Well done! G-uno

  • I remember one time when I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t sleep. By 4am, I decided there was no way I would make it to work the next day. I had something I needed to physically drop off at the school, so I drove to the school at 4am to do that, and leave my instructions for the substitute; this was back when I worked in my own neighborhood. My immediate neighborhood is a suburban area without much night life. It was completely deserted at 4am, and it was a windy night, so there were leaves blowing everywhere, along with the occasional piece of trash. It looked surreal and post-apocalyptic.

  • What a great vision you drew, Dennis! It’s interesting that that night is so clear in your mind. Being ‘sleep-deprived’ or running off a night of no sleep is most definitely a surreal feeling. I’m so glad you can relate to my post. Thank you for sharing 🙂