BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Ana

BEING Young & Twenty Submission

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Ana Lavos
A Thought Into Paper

Age • 23

“Looking at modern society 20-year olds, we are full grown adults with more responsibilities than ever.”

BEING Young & Twenty is a bridge between success and life stagnation.

It’s decisions that will impact my personality, behavior, and well-being. As a working adult since the age 16, young is something I never really felt.

That’s until I discovered how good it could be – and unrelated to age.

I’m 23 and never felt so young. Not from a maturity level.

But, from a perspective, young in spirit, and ambition.

We’re adults with more responsibilities than ever. I’ve been told I’m too young to do or say anything, yet, I lead -and have experienced- a more adult life than most “adults”.

BEING Young & Twenty means making decisions that will impact my life without overgrowing my youth and remaining fun, adventurous and above all, curious.

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