BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Tommy

BEING Young & Twenty Submission

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Tommy Morgan
Travels With T
Age • 21

“While I realize that I seem to have my life together at the moment, I know that my life is going to continue to change and I am going to continue to grow.”

I’m 21, about to graduate with my bachelor’s, and already engaged.

I have so much going for me.

I’m thankful for that! While I realize I have my life together at the moment, I know my life is going to continue to change as I continue to grow.

I’m also thankful for that. When you’re in your 20’s, you’re making decisions that will impact the rest of your life.

Decisions about your education, your personal life, and your finances. All while making decisions about who you are as a person.

BEING Young & Twenty means growing up.

It means finding your voice and setting yourself up for respect.

Sadly, the real world isn’t nice, but with hard work and help from those who care about you, it can be a great place! Above all, enjoy yourself.

Make mistakes and make a lot of friends.

You’ll never have as many opportunities as you do when you’re Young & Twenty.

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  • I remember being 21. It was fun. In life, you never stop growing up. I just reached 30, and my 20s were still a very formative time, even when I didn’t think they were. Keep your chin up, and keep doing what you love. Keep loving others. You do those things, and everything will work out.

  • Hi, KC. I love that. Such a great point. It’s amazing the way things are constantly changing and we’re constantly learning, even if that’s not how it feels. Thank you for sharing!