BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Charlotte

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Charlotte

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Charlotte Racher
Age • 20

“Some friends have already got their career sorted,some have babies,and some are still hanging out at the place they used to when they were 14.”

6-year-old me would look at 20-year-old me and think, “your nails are chipped, your hair is too blonde and why do you drink horrible drinks that make you do silly things?”

Turning 20 was really scary.

I remind myself that I’m young, I deserve a little fun and I’m trying. At this age not comparing to others is more key than ever. Some friends have already got their career sorted, some have babies, some are in long term relationships and some are still hanging out at the places they used to when they were 14, which is kind of worrying but makes you feel slightly better about yourself.

And then there’s you.

Success is personal and your goals will be different and you have to be proud of yourself for reaching your own personal goals. Your friend may have got their first flat and you may have just perfected your eyebrows, be proud of where you’re at in life instead of looking at others, even if it feels like your life is moving slowly.

Vera Wang didn’t design her first dress until she was 40, life has no schedule so don’t worry if you haven’t accomplished anything other than finishing a foot-long subway, yet – and that’s still impressive to me if you do nothing else.

You have to stay driven and whilst you think “but I’m only 20” you have to think “I AM TWENTY, LET’S DO THIS SHIT BITCHES”.

BEING Young & Twenty is all about being ‘nearly there’.

You’re nearly qualified for the job you want, you’re nearly completely independent and you might nearly be finding love. And that’s okay. Once you accept that it becomes exciting and you feel less like a Sim walking into a room and completely forgetting its purpose.

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