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Lucy Hayball
Lucy Emily
Age •19

“I’ve spent most of my teens comparing myself to others and putting so much pressure on myself to be what people expect me to be.”

BEING Young & Twenty is a scary thing.

We all have our own idea of what life will be like at 20. I entered my late teens and thought I knew so much about the world and my future.

I always imagined by 20, I would be in a serious relationship, have a good, stable job and experienced so much. University was never an option but it seems to have changed my life onto such a positive path already.

Approaching my 20’s has opened my mind to what I want. I’ve developed a new perspective about life. I’ve not had the easiest few years but I’ve decided now is my time to really live life and discover who I am.

I’ve spent most of my teens comparing myself to others and putting pressure on myself to be what others expect me to be. Living up to expectations. Things will happen at different times for different people.

I want to take my time and embrace life.

The first year of my 20’s I will be on a placement year in London. A dream I have had for a while that I am now achieving

BEING YOUNG & TWENTY is a chance to experience the world, make mistakes and learn about myself. Find out what I believe in and what I want. See what is out there. Do things I’ve always wanted to do and to just be happy. Make the most of life.

It’s a new chapter.

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