BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Ruby

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Ruby

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Ruby Davies
Miss Ruby Ray
Age • 20

“I started to feel lonely, an emotion I hadn’t felt in my teens. ”  

In the final year of my degree, I have discovered that I can achieve the aims and aspirations I had in my teens.

My best friends from University have left to go on a year abroad, leaving me without the social comfort blanket that I had become so accustomed to.

Living away from my family and now being without the close friendships I had made at uni, I started to feel lonely, an emotion I hadn’t felt in my teens. Although, this experience of no longer having my set friendship group near me has let me experience what it’s like to act independently.

I finally joined my first society at university, something that I had always wanted to do, but not without my friends. This has led to me mixing in different social groups, creating new friendships by myself.

Last year I was beginning to doubt that I had the potential to achieve my dreams, I have always wanted to be a journalist, but thought I wouldn’t be able to achieve this. BEING Young & Twenty has given me the confidence to go out and realize my potential, and I was accepted on an MA journalism course.

No longer having the social crutch of my friends has given me more free time, which I used to start my own blog. This was always something I said I wanted to do in my teens, but now in my 20’s I have finally put into practice.

BEING Young & Twenty means being independent.

BEING Young & Twenty means achieving the dreams you set in your teens.

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