BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Siobhán

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Siobhán

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Siobhán Collins
Age • 25

“Reflecting on your life at the age of 25 doesn’t always go down like a spoonful of sugar.”

Reflecting on your life at 25 doesn’t always go down like a spoonful of sugar.

There’s a fear setting in – a fear of being average. Really, there are smarter, funnier, more attractive individuals all around you. They have better cars, better-behaved hair/dogs/families. 
How do you stand out now you’re through college and venturing into the real world? 
Where’s the endless cash flow? The dream spouse, the dream house?

People younger than you are beginning to succeed. To get opportunities that you were never offered, or maybe never sought out. Maybe you didn’t stick your head above the parapet as you galloped headlong on the straight and narrow towards graduation. If you’re still in the part-time job you had in college, or if you got a job with your degree that you don’t really love…

You’re Young & Twenty.

No need to settle. Stick your head above the parapet.

If you are unhappy, move. Change something, do something, big or small, gradual or immediate. Work towards your happiness. If your job sucks, quit. Travel – if you can, blog it, get sponsorship. Make it easy for yourself. 

Take a course, be it academic or sporty, or for a hobby. 

Make time for volunteering. Two hours a week. That’s all it takes. Get work experience on your own time. Offer yourself to a cause that you may not be qualified for, but that you love. Hang out with old people, walk dogs, host a festival! I am.

Life experience gets you places. Life experience makes you interesting. What you learn – the people you meet, the places you go – could mean the difference between mediocre and magic.

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