Mental Health • OCD Is The Fear Of Wrong


“It’s an incredibly powerless feeling to lose control to your thoughts.”

OCD is the fear of wrong.

Wrong placement.
Wrong timing.
Wrong outcome.

It’s tidy chaos.
A disguised flaw.

OCD rituals allow your mind to manifest its disorganization and stress.

It’s subconsciously using physical items (the things you have the most control over) as an anchor for when the things in your mind – and the things in your life – go SO awry.

Whether it’s washing your hands, cleaning the kitchen, fiddling with a light switch, or doing tasks in tedious routine – having OCD takes up time.

Leaving you both emotionally and physically drained.

OCD is visual.

It loves to be seen, and heard, and felt, and acknowledged.


Finding something to positively preoccupy your time will distract your thoughts and cause your OCD to wither away – due to lack of attention.

To have OCD is to consciously know that your actions are irrational.

You’re aware of what you’re doing, and that’s what makes the entire concept even more frustrating; because you STILL cannot stop. It’s an incredibly powerless feeling to lose control to your thoughts.

Remember. The more you surrender to your OCD and succumb to the fact that it doesn’t make sense – it WON’T make sense. This is your mind. No parent, no friend, no teacher, and no therapist can read your mind better than you.

Study your OCD.

Address it.

Find what makes it tick.

What triggers its explosion?

Learn what lets it be.

Learn to take back your thoughts.

This image was illustrated in collaboration with Lemon Chicken Por Favor

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