Understanding Life • Some People Are Simply Motivation


“No one knows who dreamed up right from wrong – but the second you believe what they’re talking about is the second you lose what you’re all about.”

Some people are simply motivation.

Your enemy should make you want to be better.

Your ex should make you want to do better; because sometimes in life, you need someone to push you on stage despite stage fright. Someone to chase you in threat so you’ll run. Someone to taint your once confidence so you’re driven to get it back.

No one knows why society made standards that could make or break a person.

No one knows who dreamed up right from wrong – but the second you believe what they’re talking about is the second you lose what you’re all about.

It will take time, but one night you will make yourself so proud that in the dark of your room you’ll smile. In the corner of your eye, you’ll tear. And in the silence of the night, you’ll breathe. For once, you won’t need an applause. You won’t need an approval.

You won’t need anything, but for what you could give yourself.

So – don’t say someone never gave you anything, because for better or for worse, they gave you a reason. As long as you come out stronger, you can’t wish for anything better. Don’t feel sorry for yourself in hopes that someone else will too.

This image was illustrated in collaboration with Lemon Chicken Por Favor

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  • Exactly! Everything and everyone gives you something, willingly or not. It’s up to us to learn our lesson from it all.

    • Yes! What a perfect way to summarize the entire post into a sentence. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment, Kristina 🙂

  • camellia’s cottage

    Very wise!

  • I like this. Your example of the ex being motivation reminded me… I had an ex in 2011 who wasn’t very nice (on my site, I call her by the code name Acrux). I told her once that I had always wanted to build a computer from scratch. That way, when something stopped working, I’d know exactly what was in it and what needed to be replaced. She had built computers before, and she said something like “You should let me help you build it, because I know what I’m doing. Then, when something goes wrong, AND IT WILL, I can help you figure it out.” We broke up a few weeks after that conversation. When I had time a few months later, I did my research, so I knew exactly what parts I needed. It took me nine hours (with a break for dinner) from the time I left the house for the computer store until I turned on the computer for the first time. It worked on the first try. That was the only time I wished we were still in contact, so I could have rubbed it in her face that she didn’t believe I could do it and I did. But that wouldn’t have been right, I know…

  • Hey, Dennis. Learning to build a computer sounds scratch sounds tricky, but definitely a worthwhile trait. I’m sure you felt so proud, so good on you! That’s a great story. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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