RealTalk Poetry • The Alone Is More Tempting


I promise myself,
only good foods today,”

like I promise the world that
I’ve changed my bad ways.

And my plans

– they are made –

with intention to keep;
but sometimes the alone is more tempting to me.

And I make lists
but forget what I need at the store,
’cause those lists

– like my mind –

can’t take one-jot-note more.

And I DO try my best to get all I need done,
so I can fall asleep happy and awake with the sun.

But my hard work won’t pay.
Not yet.
At this time.

My hard work is painful,
but this pain –
it is mine.


I’m here and I’m free.
I’m here and I’m willing,
to embrace this BIG world
despite the confusion I’m feeling.

This image was illustrated in collaboration with Lemon Chicken Por Favor

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  • Fox In Multicoloured Socks

    I love all the poetry you post, it’s always so full of meaning and I can always find some way to connect with it. Also I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award!

    • I’m SO happy to hear that. Thank you so much! I love the way words fit together, and that always seems best through poetry. And another nomination?! Thank you 🙂 You’re doing a great job.

  • This is fabulous, especially the line ‘but sometimes the alone is more tempting to me’

    • Ahh, thank you so much, Grace! That’s awesome to hear your favorite line; so thank you for sharing.

  • fizzysolarpop

    I absolutely LOVE this poem! I can relate to it as well as enjoy the words, thank you for posting such good poetry!

    • Thank you so much! Incredibly appreciated. I’ve been having so much fun speaking through that style of writing, so there will surely be more to come 🙂