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Being Young & Twenty

My early 20’s threw me into a whirlwind of emotions. Emotions I couldn’t understand and feelings I couldn’t quite accept. I started Young & Twenty in an attempt to clear my mind, all while helping those who are going through similar struggles.

Since starting my blog, I’ve received COUNTLESS comments that start: “oh to be Young & Twenty,” and every story that follows, leaves me feeling comforted and encouraged.

“BEING Young & Twenty is an ongoing community project where people of all ages share their thoughts on what it means to be in their 20’s.”

Every comment reminds me that I’m not alone.

In fact – they teach me at the end of the day,
we truly do all have the same goal.

The goal to find happiness.

We – as powerful individuals – simply take different routes.

I hope you can find comfort in the perspectives, expectations, struggles, celebrations and disappointments as shared by others, and please feel free to [submit a piece] of your own!

Keep encouraged,


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Want to be featured on Young & Twenty?

Simply let me know what BEING Young & Twenty mean to you!

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How To Submit A Piece


What does BEING Young & Twenty mean to you?


Whether your 20’s is past, present, or even an upcoming generation for you – seriously reflect on the contradiction between the word YOUNG and the word TWENTY. Your submission can be personal or simply a perspective.


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Although most submissions are submitted in a written form, Bethany was both brave and excited enough to express herself in a different way. Her story and perspective about what she would tell her 20-year-old self is inspiring and well worth the watch.

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I’m well beyond my 20’s. Can I still submit my piece?

Absolutely! Hindsight is a powerful tool and sharing your story may be able to help someone who’s currently in a similar situation.

I’m not yet in my 20’s. Can I still submit my piece?

Please do. We’d love to hear your stories of anticipation, or what you expect your 20’s will bring. It’d be an interesting form of reference once you’re in your 20’s!

Can I share my piece on my own blog/social media accounts?

Of course! Please reference back to [this site] but I encourage you to share your story and help spread the community behind BEING Young & Twenty.

Do I have to include a photo with my submission?

While it’s highly encouraged that you submit a photo -your piece won’t be turned away if you don’t. If you simply cannot (or do not) want to submit a photo of yourself, please choose an image similar to yourself or your topic.

Can I stay anonymous?

A huge part of BEING Young & Twenty is to show the ‘faces’ we stand beside, as we’re all in this together. However – I’ve received MANY great submissions with a valid reason to stay anonymous so please, submit your story regardless!

Why should I submit a piece?

Many of us in our 20’s are constantly burdened by the idea that we’re missing out, falling behind, or watching our entire life play out in a way we’ll ll regret.

Being honest and speaking about both our struggles and disappointments is the perfect way to help others not feel so alone.

Can I find you on social media?

Absolutely! BlogFacebookInstagram

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