Why I … Don’t Care That You Skinny Shame Me


With #BellLetsTalk being this past week,  I was amazed by the honesty and the stories that were shared worldwide. This made it seem like the perfect time to start my new series “Why I…”. With so many different thoughts and topics… Continue Reading

10 || Reasons Why Growing Up Is A Gain And Not A Loss


They say if you’re excited to grow up – then you’re growing up ‘right’; for the older we get, the more aware we become, and the more anxious we are to see what life has in store. Of course growing… Continue Reading

If Silence Speaks, I’ve Got A Lot To Say

If Silence Speaks, I've Got A Lot To Say

If silence speaks I’ve got a lot to say, for you wouldn’t let me speak – so I found another way. But my words aren’t there, so you will never know – the way I wish we were, or the… Continue Reading

Embrace The Mess You Are

createmyquote you'll never understand the way things pass until you step aside

We’re scared of the people who are going to let us down – kill our dreams – and cause us pain. We’re scared of real emotions. The weight of heartache, and the misery we must tolerate when we can no longer… Continue Reading

You’re Never Too Old To Live Young

createmyquote your age is not what ages you

On any day, at any age, at any time – you’re free to boycott adulthood. You can eat pizza for breakfast and scoop ice cream from the carton. You can pick the marshmallows from your cereal, and dip your finger… Continue Reading

10 || Things I Wish I Knew Before College


1. There’s a way to balance doing well in school, and having a social life. Sometimes it will mean staying in on a Friday night, and sometimes it will mean sleeping through an 8 a.m. class. 2. There’s nothing scarier yet more exciting than… Continue Reading

Things Are Easier When You’re Drunk

createmyquote forget the ridiculous regrets

Things are easier when you’re drunk. You have the courage to do things you wouldn’t otherwise dare. You can say what’s on your mind, put a voice to your opinions, and hold a conversation. Unfortunately, those are things others can… Continue Reading

The Difference Between WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG


It can be so – so – frustrating trying to figure out the difference between WORDPRESS.COM and WORDPRESS.ORG; so I’m laying it out once and for all! So, if you’re ready to take your blog to the next level you can go… Continue Reading

Life In The 90’s

createmyquote the rules never change the way we obey them do

Life in the 90’s were simple. They were easy. Our TV’s played cartoons, not the madness in the news. Stress was level 50 on ‘Bop-It’, or the sound of our VHS jamming in the machine. We expressed ourselves on Paint documents and… Continue Reading

Card Nest || Review

card nest subscription box

The Card Nest is a stationary company that works with “the world’s most talented artists” to create their exclusive collections of greeting cards. Although that’s a bold statement to make, the artists are – indeed – extremely talented. Take a quick… Continue Reading