5 • Ways To Break A Bad Habit

5 • Ways To Break A Bad Habit

Addiction isn’t a skinny body withering away in a back ally. It isn’t a collection of needles and pages of debt. Addiction is an unhealthy habit that affects you physically and mentally. It can be drugs, alcohol, food, people – or even a negative mentality.

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Sometimes we need something drastic to happen in our lives in order for us to want to change – but sometimes it’s as simple as acknowledging the unnecessary weight we’re being forced to carry; as our habits are the weight of the wagon we continue to pull; leaving pieces of ourselves in its tracks.

1. End Temptation

If it’s in eyesight or easily accessible – there’s a really good chance that convenience will overtake your willpower. Clear your living space of all links to your habit.

Throw out all reminders and delete the necessary numbers. Temptation can also come from boredom so keep yourself distracted. If you focus on positive thoughts and activities, you won’t have time to think about falling back into your toxic routine.

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2. Find The Triggers

We have triggers for everything – be it anxiety, sadness, or temptation. Find what triggers your habit and remove it from your life. That might mean avoiding a song that brings up bad memories, going to certain places, seeing specific people, or even a time of the day. Rearrange your schedule – and life – to remove as much of your past as possible.

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3. Substitute

Remove the bad and add the good. Try exercising and eating healthy instead of smoking. Hang out with positive people as opposed to negative ones or find an art form to help you convey your emotions when you find yourself stressed.

Analyze your bad habit and realize how much of your day and overall thought process it consumes. Then make a plan to fill that empty space before actually attempting it.

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4. Change Your Mindset

If you’re not confident you can beat your habit, there’s a really good chance you can’t. Your self-confidence is everything. You know you’re more capable than you think you are. Visualize your success, use a positive language, and you’ll be able to achieve your goal.

No matter how many people are supporting and surrounding you, at the end of the day; this is something that only you – alone – can accomplish.

  • If your social life or circle of friend revolves around your addiction, then you  need to change your company immediately.

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5. Say A Proper Goodbye

People aren’t unrealistic. They know how challenging it is to quit something cold turkey, so don’t expect this of yourself. Set a day you want to be clean by and start a gradual fade out.

Take the time to say a proper goodbye. Send a letter – or write one without sending it. Have a bonfire to burn haunting memories, or go on vacation. This will help you draw a clear line of your life BEFORE and your life AFTER your habit.

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