RawSpiceBar [March Review]

GetInlineIt’s been a long winter full of dark skies and never-ending routine, but I’d like to thank – RawSpiceBar. They managed to keep my taste buds on their toes as I traveled around the world with them from the comfort of my kitchen.

Subscriptions vary but include 3-4 spices a month; complete with a theme and relevant recipes. The month of March explored Tehran, Iran. Past months include: Japanese, Persian, Punjabi & Navajo spices.

This is a great subscription service for only $6 a month + free shipping (to Canada & the US). So, for the foodie’s and traveler’s, make sure you checkout – RawSpiceBar – for more information!

The Best We Can Do.


It’s never the call you were expecting. The text you wanted. The job you would rather. The meal you’d prefer. The compliment you hoped for. The reaction you prepared for. The love you believed was real, or the life you imagined living. Life never gives us what we’re expecting but still, we live with the confidence that we write our own story. We don’t. We don’t know what’s ahead. We don’t have full control. For all we can do in this crazy, maddening world, is the best we can do.