Perfection Is Imperfection

Stand out. That's how you'll find where you fit in

We’ve been taught to seek perfection. We’ve been taught to want a flawless, effortless, and unbroken life. But perfection is when you see his crooked teeth beyond the gap of his smile. It’s the scar on your arm from the… Continue Reading

Old Habits Defeat Happiness


He bought me fries and beer. You bought me a three-course dinner. He showed me his parents’ basement. You showed me the city skyline. He told me about his night with the “bros”. You asked me about my day at… Continue Reading

The Stigma In Being Single


It’s cruel to define life as an ongoing struggle of finding someone who loves you, for you. It’s even harder when you’re ‘different’. When your weaknesses are harder to turn a blind eye to. When you don’t even love yourself.… Continue Reading

They Care – But They Don’t Understand


They don’t understand. They don’t understand why you’ve collapsed on the side of the road, sobbing hysterically into your hands. They don’t understand why their messages sit in your inbox, unacknowledged for days. They don’t understand why your mind wanders… Continue Reading

5 • Disney Movies That Taught Us About Life


1. Peter Pan Peter Pan taught us to let go of our pasts and the familiar we’ve lived to know. It taught us the gain in growing up and growing vulnerable; for there’s beauty in the future as long as… Continue Reading

Sometimes The Idea Of Someone Has To Be Enough


You don’t want to breakdown because you don’t want to challenge the love of the people around you. You don’t want to see who would be there. You just want to believe they would all be. Unfortunately, you know the truth.… Continue Reading

We Wait For The Letters


You’ll analyze every word they say and the speed in which they text. You’ll stay up late wondering where they are and you’ll go to sleep crying, the nights they’re not by your side. The nights you’re punching pillows. You’ll let your… Continue Reading

Dating’s A Numbers Game


They say dating is a numbers game; leaving no hope for the ones that can’t settle. You see someone you want, you forfeit your emotions, and more often than not – you get nothing in return. But; it’s not your… Continue Reading

The Power of Hindsight


You spend your days left to wonder where you went wrong. What you said in error. The ridiculous regrets that exhaust your mind. If your life has gone wrong and disappointment is constant, realization is the bittersweet battle. You now have… Continue Reading

A Life Without Rain


You don’t hate life as much as you think you do. You hate that there are people who make it look so easy. They tell you not to worry. They tell you everyone has their own problems. Still – you… Continue Reading