Understanding Life • Beauty In A Gloomy Day


“Thunderstorms aren’t sadness just like happiness isn’t the sun.”

Not enough people appreciate the beauty in a gloomy day.

The sky teases us for hours with raindrops and distant thunder. It’s a day of suspense. A beautiful build up. We carry on, living our lives beneath a chaotic mess, and we live knowing the end is worth waiting for.

We live, knowing our pain is as permanent as rain.

They both go away as graceful as the sky fills with colour after a storm. As unexpected as a flash of lighting. As quickly as a pavement of chalk beneath rain.

So don’t worry.

Once today’s pain is yesterday’s – you’ll be given a clean slate to make a mess.

Thunderstorms aren’t sadness just like happiness isn’t the sun.

Just like people who leave the clouds in the hands of the sky see a different allure than those who hold the clouds on a string.

This image was illustrated in collaboration with Lemon Chicken Por Favor

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