The Alone Is More Tempting

Don't build the same castle everytime you collapse

I promise myself, “only good foods today,” like I promise the world that I’ve changed my bad ways. And my plans – they are made – with intention to keep; but sometimes the alone is more tempting to me. And… Continue Reading

You Aren’t Who You Were

You aren't who you were and won't be who you are

You aren’t who you were, and won’t be who you are. For your problems & pains simply brought you THIS far. Time – it will pass; and you will evolve. As time answers things we can’t otherwise solve. This image… Continue Reading

Lifeless Eyes

Lifeless Eyes

I hate the way we take our pills. No question, reason, disorder. Just a simple doctor’s note. A 10 minute talk. A half hour order. We’re told what’s wrong & how to numb it. With no desire to fight it… Continue Reading

Everything We Ever Knew, Never Was

Everything We Ever Knew, Never Was

Jack-in-the-Boxes taught us to expect the unexpected. Show-and-Tell taught us the power of having more. Having better. Having the best. Finger Painting taught us the mess we’re capable of – and the colours we create – without any intention. Skipping… Continue Reading

The Depth’s Of Your Dreams

You Have No Where To Be Except The Depth's Of Your Dreams.

You have no where to be; except the depths of your dreams. Where life is perfection, and all that it seems. Whether you’re asleep – or awake. In the night – or the day. Never stop dreaming. Never let hope… Continue Reading

Our Conversations Our Full Of Empty Words

there's more to who's he is than how she looks in pink

You’ll send me a straight forward text, “what’s up?” My thumb will hover over the letters on my phone, aching to tell you about my insecurities. My fears, and my over ambitious goals. I’ll backspace the lines I write about… Continue Reading

Perfection Is Imperfection

Stand out. That's how you'll find where you fit in

We’ve been taught to seek perfection. We’ve been taught to want a flawless, effortless, and unbroken life. But perfection is when you see his crooked teeth beyond the gap of his smile. It’s the scar on your arm from the… Continue Reading

The Way We Must Grow

Life is about the way we must grow

I didn’t know life was supposed to hurt. I thought you plant a seed, and watch what blooms from the dirt. But in order to grow – you must learn of pain. You must feel the sun; and you must… Continue Reading

Everything You Need To Know To Be Successful On Twitter


Now that you’ve built your blog [if you haven’t – click here], it’s time to promote your work on social media and Twitter is a GREAT place to do so. It’s personally, my favorite. Do you need help expanding your… Continue Reading

The Way Pain Lingers

createmyquote pain is for those who feel not those who hurt

You can explain it to them. They’ll nod, clench their teeth and tell you they’re here for you. But every nod signals confusion. Their clenched teeth utter what they think you want to hear, and the things they think you… Continue Reading