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“I admire Jennifer’s success. I’ve come to her many times for advice on building my own brand. She’s always helpful, insightful and happy to provide useful tips. It’s great to have a mentor out there in the blogosphere and I highly recommend reaching out to her for your own journey.”

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“Working with Jennifer has been an all around awesome experience. As a new blogger, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with all of the aspects that seem to be necessary to have a successful site. Young & Twenty is an amazing blog and I admire how organized and appealing her content is.

She is kind, helpful and generous with her services. She has explained and demonstrated answers to my questions and I am excited to continue working with her! If you’re starting a blog or even have one currently; but want to learn how to optimize your blogging experience, I highly recommend her services!”

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“Jennifer is so personable and has a welcoming charm to her site, which helped tremendously when I chose to reach out to her. Not only that, her attitude is reflected throughout her entire page. Kudos to her! There aren’t many people that can portray their personality through their writing as flawlessly as she does.

If you’re like me and want/need help with running a successful blog, please do NOT hesitate to contact Jennifer. I promise you won’t regret it! I’m honored to know such an amazing leading lady!”


“A quick visit to Young & Twenty will speak to the quality of Jennifer’s work. But the real value she provides became apparent when we partnered with her. She understood our goals and did an outstanding job of helping us meet them by creating engaging content that was consistent with our brand and our mission.

So, while the blog speaks for itself in terms of quality, from a brand’s perspective, we’d like to add that Treatsie’s experience with Jennifer was top-notch. We look forward to working with her again soon and would encourage others to reach out and see what she has to offer.”

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“I knew very little about social media before hiring Jennifer to set up our Twitter account. She has been a BIG help! Her willingness to share her knowledge and her insightfulness were really important. We were so thrilled to have her onboard and would definitely recommend working with her!”

  • Jerene | Save On Dining Out

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“I worked with a lot of bloggers through Tether Tug, and can easily say that working with Young & Twenty was one of the best experiences I’ve had. Jennifer was awesome to work with and I would love to collaborate with her again!”

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“I was once a happy advertiser on Young & Twenty. Friendly, efficient, and responsive – Jennifer has all the needed qualities. If you’re looking for a genuine voice to build up your brand and outreach the younger generation – look no further.”

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