RealTalk Poetry • The Pain Of “Never Again”


I never gave some things much thought.

Like the way in Cops & Robbers –
only one of them gets caught.

And I never thought,
what is the poor?”

Why do some have less,
while others have more?

Why does 1/2 the world need food to eat,
while the other 1/2 hates the idea of wheat.


how money should be such an obtainable thing.
Yet we chase it
single-minded –
with dreams of the joy, it will bring.

And I never saw the way we cry.
Or the way we miss our loved ones’ lives,
but grief is real and SO insane.
I’ve learned the pain of,
never again.”

And I never knew of the word, “debt”.
How 1 could live owing –
what they’ve already spent.

But that 4 letter word –
how it clings to our names.

It makes us go mad.
Hang our heads out of shame.


if we’re speaking with truth,
and we’re speaking with candor,

why do we live

– with no trust –

of what is fact and
what’s slander?

We’re confused and we’re haunted,
for things left overlooked.

We’re constantly judged for things we may have mistook.

Who knows what the truth is –
though there is only one.

You must give some more thought,
to the things you’ve been taught.

This image was illustrated in collaboration with Lemon Chicken Por Favor

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