Love & Lust • The Same Broken Pieces


“Loving you is the intimidating unknown.”

How do you ask the person that steals your heart to fall in love with your imperfections, before they dare fall in love with you? Loving you is the intimidating unknown and unlike your friends and family, this person may walk away.

They have the right to be scared.

Uncertain of a relationship with you and your insecurities.

Uncertain of giving their heart to a soul consumed by fear. Maybe you’ve been numbed to the possibility of love and maybe they’re right.

But, maybe one day you’ll meet someone with the same broken pieces. A glimpse of terror in their eyes will catch yours. You’ll have an awkward first, second, third date.

Tempting each other to open up. One day you will and your problems won’t feel like problems. Together you can replace what you’ve lost along the way.

You can sigh in relief knowing you’re understood.

You’re loved for who you are. And maybe that won’t be so hard – because maybe a lot more people have terror in their eyes than we let ourselves believe.

This image was illustrated in collaboration with Lemon Chicken Por Favor

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  • I hope so… :\

    • You know what they say, Dennis! It happens when you least expect it.

  • Dynamic Bohemian

    Beautiful post – life really does move on…

    • Thank you so much 🙂 Life really does move on, and a lot of the stresses in life are removed once you learn to accept that!