Mental Health • Things Are Easier When You’re Drunk


“You don’t crave alcohol as much as you crave the freedom it gives you.”

Things are easier when you’re drunk. You have the courage to do things you wouldn’t otherwise dare. You can say what’s on your mind, put a voice to your opinions, and hold a conversation.

Unfortunately, those are things others can do daily – and easily. Your sober self can’t help but wonder, “how can people afford to be so vulnerable?” But maybe they’re not vulnerable. Maybe they just have more trust to give. More good to gain.

You don’t drink at the bar because it’s a Friday night tradition.

You don’t crave a night of the ‘Dougie’ or a week-long ringing in your ears. You don’t like talking to the cab driver about their childhood or challenging a high-tolerance frat boys to Jäger bomb shots.

You don’t crave alcohol as much as you crave the freedom it gives you. It’s the sort of existence reality deprives you of. The sort of different you’re better off drowning.

This image was illustrated in collaboration with Lemon Chicken Por Favor

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    Wow! I can really relate to this on so many levels. I started to write a loooong comment that turned into a couple of Word pages. I’m going to add some more to it later because it has brought up so many thoughts. Thanks very much for posting!

    • I love hearing how much others can relate. Thank you so much for saying that, Kevin! It sure is challenging emotions to face so I can’t wait to see what you write 🙂

  • You’ve probably been nominated before, but just wanted to let you know how long I’ve been a fan … I got my first Liebster and you were one of the first blogs I fell in love with:

    • What an incredible compliment. Thank you so much, Kristen! I’ll take a look and congratulations on your own nomination 🙂