Love & Lust • This Time Could Be Different


“You run from the possibility that this time could be different.”

You’ve built your life on an illusion.

You’re the lead of a play, written and directed by you. You’re afraid to leave a roll that gives you purpose, a definition of who you are. You’re afraid to let someone play a role in your life.

But regardless, you wait for someone to come into your life and tell you you’re perfect.

Tell you they can’t live without you. You’re always on their mind. But – when those feelings are foreign and you hear them with a meaningless ring, you panic. You can’t believe someone’s pushing your hair back to better look into your eyes.

You can’t believe someone’s holding your hand despite your nail biting habit and horribly dry skin. You can’t believe someone sacrificed their Saturday night to find the broken pieces of your shattered self

You can’t believe it – so you don’t.

You run from the possibility that this time could be different.

This image was illustrated in collaboration with Lemon Chicken Por Favor

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