Understanding Life • We Are Everyone


“We’re the adults who found out that kisses don’t end in carriage rides.”

We’re the comedians that write jokes and the writers that sing tunes.

The accountants that add numbers and the firefighters that face flames. We’re the doctors who live to diagnosis and the employees that dread folding clothes. We’re the criminals that lurk in the night and the dealers that dream of big dollars. We’re the children who found out that Santa’s simply a thought and the adults who found out that kisses don’t end in carriage rides.

We wear our clothes until they’re riddled with holes and sulk above a garbage when it’s time to say goodbye. Vintage a shirt we misplaced from the 90’s. Our workday is good when a co-worker brings doughnuts and our kids live in shame if they’re named after a fruit.

Our Beamers look like Hondas. We have mortgages – not handbags. We can’t claim fame off a DUI arrest, and our haircuts don’t make headlines.

We are not movie stars. We are not society’s fixation. We are, “can I get another pack of ketchup?” We are, “am I rich yet?” We are 5 pm in rush hour.

We are two-hour waiting rooms. We are too many people. Too few people. Too much change. Too much routine. We are wide-awake at 4 a.m.

You and I, we are everyone.

This image was illustrated in collaboration with Lemon Chicken Por Favor

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  • Nice post! And I love the quote 🙂

  • Sierra @ Happy Curious Life

    Awesome and so real post!