Mental Health • Why I Don’t Care If You Skinny Shame Me


“Society can shame me, and use my faults to blame me, but big or small, thin or not, this world will never change me.”

I don’t want the extra bread in the basket because it “won’t make a difference,” and I don’t want a slice of cake because my skinny body “deserves it.”

I want to watch what I eat despite your worries that I’ll “wither away”. I want to go to the gym; even after you tell me I have “nothing to burn,” and I want to push away my plate when I’m full without your up and down gaze as you question, “are you sure?”

I want to tell you about the food I eat. The candy I stash, and the junk I devour. I want to tell you how gross – and tired – and unhealthy it makes me feel.


I want to tell you about the vegetables I keep in my diet, and the rhythm I keep when I run. I want to tell you that when you call me “skin and bones” that in between may not be “fat” , but in between is willpower, genetics, balance, and the natural wish to look and feel my best.

So, you can call me skinny. But I won’t call you fat.

I won’t tell you to put down the food. I won’t tell you to stop with the seconds and start with the gym. I won’t tell you that you are a number, or you are a size.

Skinny shaming” is no different than “fat shaming”.

Just like I will sleep at night whether you think I eat too much  – or too little.

So, you can ask me how strong my mind is.

It’s so strong that society can shame me, and use my faults to blame me, but big or small, thin or not, this world will never change me.

This image was illustrated in collaboration with Lemon Chicken Por Favor

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  • Exactly I have been made to feel bad about my figure, I can’t help it I have a high metabolism but I have had horrible insults like “anorexic, matchstick legs etc everything by other girls yet it’s not ok to fat shame I think it’s disgusting for anyone to make people feel ashamed about their bodies

    • HORRIBLE! I think throwing around the word ‘anorexia’ just because someone is skinny is as ridiculous and ruining as calling someone ‘bi polar’ because of their mood. The problem with skinny shamming as well, is that it comes in comments that we often let slip by. Of course “you’re so skinny” goes unnoticed, while “you’re so fat” starts a war. Frustrating; but thank you for sharing, Maria. I hope you’ve learned (as I have) to shrug off the comments!

  • Joseph

    Even as I man, this resonates with me. I used to be really fat and it was talked about. Then I got really skinny amd people werent very nice about (probably bwcause they werent skinny). Thank you for sharing. It helps.

    • Of course this was written as my female perspective, but truly, shame on me for not even considering the fact that guys go through such a similar battle. Amazing for you to loose that weight. Congratulations. You must feel fantastic.

      And I couldn’t agree more. These ignorant comments will always be said out of others insecurities. Keep yourself your priority, and thank YOU for sharing!

  • B.G.

    I like this post. While I’m still thin, when I was younger a few people made fun of me because I was underweight. I honestly never liked being underweight and it was never something that I “tried to do”. I, too, have been called “skin and bones” in the past and it never felt good. I think a lot of people are under the impression that if you’re underweight you don’t eat enough and that’s not always the case. You’re right, just like it’s wrong and mean to call people fat, the same goes for people that are thin. Thanks for sharing!

    • Ah – what a sentence [and comment] that rings so true for myself.
      “I honestly never liked being underweight and it was never something that I “tried to do”.
      I never tried either! I work out a great amount, but even more, I’m just not a big eater. I don’t eat junk food and I’ve always had a small appetite. So many factors go into a persons weight / health; but it’s remarkable that people have yet to realize this. Thank you for sharing your own story! That’s the part that makes sharing mine, so much more worthwhile.

  • I love this article! I’m so sick of the double standard I hear all the time that you can love your curves if your larger but if your slim then you can’t love the way you look! It’s outrageous if anyone calls another person “fat” but perfectly acceptable to call people so “skinny” and say you don’t eat enough (when in reality I eat enough to keep 2 people alive haha). Thankyou for writing this 🙂

    • Haha THANK YOU! It’s been perfect to hear how others can relate. Just because we’re ‘skinny’ in no way means we’re healthy or better off than those with curves. I never even realized I was being ‘skinny shammed’ for the longest time, and it really doesn’t bother me, but it sure gets my eyes rolling. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂

  • I love this. Well said! If I could print this out and put it on a shirt and wear it everyday I soooo would.

    • Thank you so much, Ambrie! It’d have to be a big shirt or small print but I’d certainly wear it as well 🙂 Great attitude. Thank you for sharing.